Monday, March 4, 2013

Condemned Chicken

CFO (Chicken Farmers of Ontario) say they are all about quality and continuous improvement.  Do they offer any proof of their accomplishments which is independently verifiable ?  There does seem to be lots of effort at CFO, and some changes, but I wonder if their focus is in the right area.

To me, CFO's prime role is to serve the greater good of the public.  One of the most important aspects of serving the public is having safe chicken of excellent quality.  To maximize the safety and quality of chicken, you have to have healthy birds.  Just how healthy are the birds raised in Ontario?

The following table is derived from data provided by CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) here.  I confirmed with a CFIA DVM (Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine) who is in charge of producing the reports that the numbers presented there are correct, and I was understanding them.

I see that in 2012, Ontario's Federally Inspected slaughter plants received about 370,000 dead or diseased chickens from chicken producers. That is a defect rate of 1.26%.

In addition, I observe that Ontario's chicken crop is 23.3% worse than Atlantic Canada, and 21.7% worse than BC.

I wonder why?

If chicken farmers in BC and the Atlantic Provinces can deliver fewer dead and diseased chickens to the slaughter plants, why can't Ontario?

If CFO (Chicken Farmers of Ontario) has their "Team Ontario" trained to be the best they can be, then why is Ontario significantly worse in bird health than what the farmers in BC and the Atlantic provinces can achieve?

If anybody knows the answers to these puzzling and disturbing results, I'm interested in learning why.

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