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  1. Where can I get a list of Small Chicken Farmers who use All Natural methods. Thank you.

    1. Canada is a big place. There are many different types of Small Flock farming, including Kosher, Halal, free range, pastured, enhanced animal welfare, full disclosure, full traceability, drug-free, antibiotic-free, growth promotant free, All Natural, slow-grow, organic, locally produced, small farm, diversified farm, integrated farm, high sustainability, low environmental impact, heirloom breeds, low carbon impact, low fossil fuel use, low Greenhouse Gas impact, etc.

      Your definition of "All Natural" is likely different than the Chicken Mafia (Chicken Farmers of Ontario and their millionaire members who own and operate chicken factories CAFO's), and a Small Flock Poultry Farmer.

      At the extreme, "All Natural" could mean day old chicks are released into a pasture by the farmer, then he abandons them for the next 8 to 10 weeks. The farmer returns to harvest the chickens that are still left alive and haven't wandered off, died of starvation, or been eaten by predators? I doubt that is what you meant, and don't think it is a practical definition, as no chickens would be left after a week, let alone 8 weeks. Please fully describe your definition so we can start moving all stakeholders towards a standard definition.

      We do not yet have a listing of all the various types of Small Flock Poultry Farmers by geographical region. I would therefore recommend the following indirect method:

      Consult the Internet for all dealers of chicken feed (eg. Google search "chicken feed near 'my town and Providence' "). Look in the yellow pages for feed mills, and inquire where you can buy their chicken feed (ie. retail or farm supply stores, or direct). Call them and inquire about their chicken feed customers who are near your location. Ask which ones they recommend. They may not do "All Natural" poultry at this time, but may be interested in starting to do so as soon as they see sufficient interest from their prospective customers.

      For those Small Flockers who are interested in putting their name on a Small Flockers database, I will prepare a form for Google Drive where you can sign yourself up and geolocate yourselves, so that your interested future customers can find you.

      If you are interested in this searchable database (as a Small Flock Farmers or a prospective customer), please leave me a comment here so I know I'm not wasting my time.

  2. I am looking to purchase Chantecler chicks to start our own flock of birds. but I cannot find a supplier?

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