Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Think Global, Act Local

We have been getting attention at this Blog, mostly in Canada, but now from 8 other countries, including Nepal.  As curious as that may be, we need to focus on the local scene, starting with our neighbours.

In alignment with that philosophy, I blew the marketing budget this week.  I printed off 1,000 copies of one of the Blog posts ( $10.8 Billion of Fascist Chicken ), fixed it up so it could be read out of the Blog's context, and did a bulk mailing to my community.

Canada Post has a pretty good deal, about $0.16 per piece for un-addressed flyers.  Now everybody knows, and perhaps some will care enough to get involved, or to discuss it further.  I hope to get 1% actualized, so I expect 10 people to do something with their new awareness.

I felt that was a better option than sitting here, waiting for the government to do something.

I encourage others to download the file, print some off, and post them at the various bulletin boards in your community.  For those who are too far gone to stop themselves, feel free to do a mass mailing like me.

We need to focus on our local community, for it is our friends and neighbours who know us, trust us, and will listen to our pain.  Think about all Canadians, from coast to coast to coast, suffering under the chicken tyrants, then act locally in your community.


  1. it looks like you are putting alot of effort into this cause .........i am surprised that we so many followers no one has commented on your thoughts (except me)

    1. Thanks for stopping by, and questioning the lack of feedback. It would be nice to receive more feedback, challenges, alternative points of view, etc.

      I believe by getting a wide dialogue on ideas, we can forge a better system, better clarity, and plug all potential loopholes.

      I'd appreciate any other feedback that you or others can provide.


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