Saturday, March 9, 2013

Info Picket: Chicken Farmers Annual General Meeting

The Chicken Farmers of Ontario ("CFO") are holding their Annual General Meeting ("AGM") on Tuesday March 12, 2013 in Mississauga.  Details here.

The Small Flockers are not wanted at the Annual General Meeting ("AGM") for Chicken Farmers of Ontario ("CFO").

CFO's website said all chicken farmers were encouraged to come to the AGM.  I'm a chicken farmer.  CFO automatically enrolled me in CFO when I bought chicks.  I have a Small Flock Registration # issued by CFO.  CFO says I must follow their regulations.

In spite of all this, I'm told I'm not a member of CFO, and I can't attend the AGM.

The CFO website says that other industry reps can attend the AGM, but they have to pay a nominal fee.  OK, said I, I'm willing to pay.

No, says CFO, you still can't come to the AGM.

I'm beginning to feel excluded and discriminated against.

I think Small Flockers should make their presence known and felt.  Perhaps some of the chicken farmers themselves, rather than CFO's staff, might have a different feeling about excluding their brother chicken farmers.

Under Section 6.1 of Small Flockers By-law #1, Small Flockers can pay their annual membership by cheque, in-kind donated labor or supplies.   I had an inquiry wondering if it could be paid in chicken meat.  Remember, we all have a freezer full of chicken meat, so trading it between ourselves doesn't move the ball forward.  However, buying a few photocopies for the cause will place you in the dues paid category.

If you're not yet a member, or you still haven't sent in your dues, this is a perfect time to come out and meet everybody, including the 1,000 or so quota chicken farmers.  Work the info picket, and it goes towards your 2013 dues.

Here is a petition file I made up.  You can print it as a 2-sided document, or 2 separate pages.  Black & white is cheaper, but colour does grab the eyes.

Print off at least 1 copy, preferably 1,000 copies, or what ever you can afford, and are willing to distribute.  1000 copies B&W, 2 sided will cost you about $100.00

Construct an information picket next Tuesday in Mississauga.  The meeting opens at 7:30 AM, so I suggest being there ready to go at 6:30 AM.

Hand out your flyer in a friendly, polite, legal manner.  For those recipients who are curious, explain Small Flockers' case.

I spent a week in Ottawa on our behalf.  I can't spare the time right now to do this job too.

I realize its last minute, and most of us have to travel quite a ways to get to Mississauga.  Maybe most can't spare the time right now.

But if you can, here's where it counts.

If you can do it, please let me know.  Take some pictures of the action.  We'll post them on the Blog.

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