Thursday, March 7, 2013

Duties of Chicken Farmers of Canada

The 2001 Federal-Provincial Agreement on Chicken makes for interesting reading.  I'll wait patiently while you finish your laughing.

It was signed by 33 different parties, the Federal Government (ie. Dept. Agriculture & Agri-Foods), each Provincial Minister (eg. OMAF in Ontario), the Provincial Supervisory Boards (eg. FPMC in Ontario), the Provincial Commodity Boards (eg. CFO in Ontario), and Chicken Farmers of Canada.

They agreed that the Supply Management System for Chicken would be orderly; co-ordinated; flexible; market responsive; appropriate safeguards; consistent; predictable; stable; have objectives; optimize sustainable economic activity in the chicken industry; pursue opportunities in both domestic and international markets; enhance competitiveness and efficiency in the chicken industry; and work in the balanced interest of producers, industry stakeholders and consumers.

In addition, CFC has the duty to fully co-operate and inform provincial Supervisory Boards and Commodity Boards; review CFC's policies, procedures, orders, rules, and methods annually; and record, monitor, audit, and enforce its quota allocations, procedures, and the Federal-Provincial Agreement on Chicken.

That's quite a laundry list of goals, duties, and expectations.  So far so good.  All of the above seems to be on the right track, reasonable, and worthy.

So, how has CFC made out on achieving all of these expectations?  CFC and its other signatories have had 12 years to get their act together, build and perfect their systems, co-ordinate their actions, gain consensus, and prove their value to Canada and Canadians.

You be the judge.

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