Friday, September 27, 2013

Local Egg Production via Incredible Edibles

Health Canada wants to shut down the small flock and backyard egg producers throughout Canada who provide eggs for their local community.

I disagree with both the need, and the methods that Health Canada has used in this misguided witch hunt against small flockers.

Is there an alternative to Health Canada's tyrannical plan?

Todmorden, a small market town in northern England
which has transformed itself with local food production.
Let's take a look at some citizens in Todmorden England.  Pam Warhurst spoke at TEDSalon in London UK, May 2012 about their town's initiative for local, sustainable food production, linking local food to the local education system, and local businesses.  Incredible Edibles was born.

In 5 short years, Todmorden is now considered to be the first town in England that has achieved food self-sufficiency.

One of the programs that they launched was "Every Egg Counts", trying to encourage local citizens to raise chickens to provide eggs for themselves, as well as a few of their neighbours.

Campaign brochure for "Every Egg Matters", saying
"Truly Fresh, Truly Local, Truly Free Range"

Every Egg Counts was eventually able to convince local farmers that the townspeople were serious, and were truly interested in partnering with the farmers and rural citizens.

Incredible Edible Todmorden produced a map to show locals and visitors where they could go to get farm fresh eggs.

Map of Todmorden showing where local, farm fresh eggs
can be purchased.
When Todmorden first produced their map, there were only 4 egg producers in the area.  Within 3 years, they had 64 local egg producers on their map.  People are now going into the local shops seeking to buy local eggs in preference to the mass produced egg shipped in from far, far away.

The Incredible Edible Todmorden was formed on some simple principles:
  • Invented around a kitchen table by 3 people
  • No consultant
  • No study or strategy document
  • No permission asked
  • No government grant desired or needed
  • Local actions can make a difference
  • People can rally around food, "If you eat, you're in."
  • All done as an experiment
  • All done with volunteers
49% of local food producers have reported that their bottom line has improved through Incredible Edibles.

Today, there are 49 towns and cities in England who are implementing Incredible Edible, 19 sites in Canada, and hundreds of sites world-wide.  Todmorden has graciously shared their success with others so that followers don't have to re-invent the wheel.

Congratulations and thank-you to the people of Todmorden for their insight, hard work, courage, and altruism.

View Incredible Edibles and World Interest in a larger map  

Do you think that Health Canada should re-consider their unholy alliance with the Egg Mafia?

Unfortunately, it doesn't matter what you think.  You're not in charge.

The Egg Mafia is in charge, and Health Canada is dancing to their tune.


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