Monday, September 9, 2013

Time for an Apology

The nerve of CFC (Chicken Farmers of Canada)!

CFC suggests that "it's just pennies" from the consumer's wallet that they have been over-charged for chicken, so it doesn't matter.  Forgetaboutit

Barrie McKenna at the Globe & Mail saw my Blog and did an article on it in their national paper.  Barrie contacted both Chicken Farmers of Ontario ("CFO") and CFC to get their comments.

CFO refused to discuss the $10 Billion stolen from Canadians by the Chicken Mafia.  Is that their arrogance showing?

CFC's Executive Director Mike Dungate disputed my $10 Billion figure, and rejected my claim that the Chicken Mafia have been grossly overcharging for a decade.

OK, so if CFC disagrees with my calculations and assumptions, then where are their calculations and a list of their assumptions?  To dismiss & reject our estimate without providing an alternative is pure, 100% arrogance by Mr. Dungate, and CFC (the Canada-wide Don of the Chicken Mafia).

To add insult to injury, Mr. Dungate told the Globe & Mail that:

"The net impact ... would be “cents” per kilogram at the grocery store."

Where do these guys get off?

In a previous Blog post,  I showed how the Chicken Mafia stole $10 Billion from the Canadian consumers with illegal and immoral chicken prices obtained by cheating on the FCR (Feed Conversion Ratio) that producers get reimbursed for.

And you thought the phony expense claims by Senators was insulting to Canadians.  Compared to the Chicken Mafia, the Canadian Senators are Jr. Kindergarten pupils in wet, stinky diapers.

I concluded that when the Ontario Government ordered the Chicken Mafia Don (ie. CFO) to drop their FCR by 16.3%, this should translate into a 7.21% drop in retail price of chicken at your friendly grocery store.  That assumes that everybody else in the chicken supply chain can resist grabbing the savings for themselves as added profit, before it can get to the consumers.  Fat chance on that!

So is CFC's Mike Dungate right?  Will it be just "cents", and not worth worrying about?

Let's see.

Statistics Canada reports via Agriculture & Agri-Foods Canada in Table 031N that Ontario's retail price for fresh whole chicken from Dec. 16/2012 to July 27.2013 was $5.75/kg.  With a 7.21% drop at retail, that would save consumers $0.4145/kg.  So Mr. Dungate is correct, it is "just cents".  What Mr. Dungate has done is mis-lead and dismiss, a common ploy by the Chicken Mafia.

In CFO's 2012 annual report they say that 195 million chickens were raised in Ontario by the Chicken Mafia in 2012, and that was a total of 447 million kg. of live chicken, for an average bird weight of 2.292 kg.  Since the eviscerated weight is 73.72% of the live weight, those CFO numbers equate to 329.53 million kg of eviscerated chicken at the grocery store meat counter.

When you take $0.4145/kg price reduction times the 329.53 million kg of eviscerated meat produced, that is an aggregate total of $136.59 million per year previously stolen by the Ontario branch of the Chicken Mafia.

$136.59 Million per year, proceeds of crime for the Ontario Chicken Mafia.

That ain't chicken feed!  [Ed. Note: Well in this case, it was for chicken feed, a bogus FCR to be exact]

I think Mr. Dungate owes an apology to the Ontario people.  If you agree, tell him so yourself.  Here is his email address:


  1. Just cents the sAme guy is arguing about 1 quarter of a cent on a kg of chicken

    1. I'm not sure what you are referring to here.

      CFC (Chicken Farmers of Canada) sets the production quotas for all of Canada. CFC does not set any of the prices for Canadian chicken. Each Province sets their own prices for their province. Since Ontario is the largest single Province for chicken production and consumption, all the other Provinces tend to follow suit after Ontario's pricing lead.

      Has CFO (Chicken Farmers of Ontario) been complaining about $0.025/kg for their chicken, or the AOCP perhaps?

      Please come back and explain further if I have not understood your comment.


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