Friday, September 27, 2013

Small Flock Egg Producers in Canada & the World

Following in Todmorden's footsteps, I'd like to form a Google Map showing all Canadians where and how they can get locally produced farm-fresh eggs in Canada.

For those who are afraid of the Chicken Police or the Egg Police (the ex-military and ex-police henchmen of the Egg & Chicken Mafia), you may want to fly under the radar, continue to produce in secret for a select few who buy your production.

For those who are brave (or foolish) like myself, you can declare to the world your chosen path to produce eggs for your community, come what may.  Realize that you will be making it easy for the Health Canada Secret Police and their Provincial/Territorial henchmen to find you and hunt you down when their new regulations come into effect.

I have chosen to declare my operation.  I think they already have my photo and all other info up on their bulletin board and in their database.  I'm actually surprized that this Blog hasn't already prompted them to raid my farm long ago.

The form below will allow you to enter your info.  Once you click "Submit", your data will be stored in a spreadsheet on a Google Drive.  Everybody in the world will be able to see that database of self-declared Small Flock Egg Producers here.

The data can be sen in Google Maps by clicking on this link. Each of the small flock egg producers will be a red dot on the map under the tab "Map of Small Flock Eggs".  Click on one of the red dots to open up a detailed listing of the data for that small flocker, but the long description of their eggs is not viewable on the map. The "Cards" tab will give a nice, compact view of all data for each small flock farm.

Currently, the map updates only by my re-building it manually.  I'm trying to get it to be dynamic (rebuilds automatically), but miracles take longer.  If you feel we need more info collected about each of the small flockers, let me know.

You should be able to update or change your own info later on.  If you have a problem, let me know, and I'll try and figure it out (I'm new to Google Docs too).

In the form below, it asks you for your Latitude and Longitude, in decimal degree notation.  You can get that from Google Maps.  Click on the map near where you are located to zoom in.  Keep zooming in so you get an accurate placement for people who don't know the local area.  Once you can clearly see your exact location on Google Maps, place the cursor over your location and right-click the location, then select What's here?. The coordinates will appear in the search box.  Copy those latitude & longitude co-ordinates into the form below.

While this is meant for Canadian Small Flockers, I know there are many readers of this Blog from around the world.  There is no other system for finding Small Flock Egg Producers, except for Todmorden's map, so anybody else is welcome to use this form and map too.

Once you are done, you can see your data (and everybody else here in the Google Doc database spreadsheet for Small Flock Egg Producers in Canada & the World

May the customers come and help defend you, and the Egg Police stay away.

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