Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Gouger and Gougee

CFC's data on Wholesale & Retail Prices in Canada
for chicken, 2010 - 2013

Who is the gouger, and who is the gougee for Canadian chicken?

Chicken Farmers of Canada supplies market data in their monthly Chicken Fax issued Sept. 6, 2013 that may help answer this question.  The two graphs on the right were extracted from there.

The top graph shows remarkable stability in wholesale prices for chicken during a 4 year period (2010 to 2013).  Wholesale prices occur between the slaughter plants and the grocery stores.

The bottom graph shows the Consumer Price Index for chicken, beef, and pork from Jan. 2008 to August 2013.  Here we see an almost constant upward trend in chicken prices.

Statistics Canada Table 326-0020 shows that the fresh or frozen whole chicken retail prices between Jan. 2010 and July 2013 went from a CPI of 133.7 to 147.0

Live chicken pricing at farm gate, 2010 - 2013
Over this 43 month period, retail chicken prices went up at an average inflation rate of 2.68% per year.  Meanwhile, wholesale prices are virtually flat, constant, always the same, more or less.

Note that it isn't just chicken, for beef and pork are up to the same tricks.  I'm not sure who is leading the dance, but they're all jiving to the same tune.

This graph shows the life chicken price paid at the farm gate.  There have been steady price increases, plus seasonal variations.  Most of the price increases were related to the increasing chicken feed prices that the Chicken Mafia fraudulently inflated even more so they could get additional unjust profits.  See Blog posting here where Ontario's government forced the Ontario wing of the Chicken Mafia to roll back the bogus FCR charges they had been making for the last 10 years; a cool $136.59 million per year previously being stolen by the Ontario branch of the Chicken Mafia.

There has been a knock down, drag out fight between chicken farmers and chicken processors over the quantity and price of chicken for a very long time.  The processors have complained the chicken farmers are protected by a guaranteed price minimum, while the producer takes all the risk on getting a price that is profitable and selling all the chicken before it goes rotten.

On this battle between chicken producers and processors, I have received a CD full of documents from the Federal Farm Products Council based on a Access to Information Act request.  More on these juicy disclosures as soon as I finish reading all 692 pages.

As bad as the farmers have been, the tail-end of the Chicken Mafia  (ie. the retail vendors & grocery stores) aren't much better.

I therefore conclude that the chicken farmers have been gouging the public for at least 10 years.  The retail grocery stores are now taking their turn at gouging the public between 2010 to 2013.

It warms my heart when everybody plays together nicely and take turns.

It's good that both gougers share and take turns screwing the public.

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