Friday, March 6, 2015

Small Flock Petition

Ontario has an important decision to make about the additional chicken quota that has been awarded to Ontario by Chicken Farmers of Canada ("CFC").

Previously, there was some confusion about who said what and the position adopted by various stakeholders.  SFPFC is independent of all other organizations, but will work co-operatively with all individuals and organizations who share 1 or more of our principles.  That confusion appears to be fully cleared up by this Blog posting, as well as here and here.  We await the eventual correction of other media reports that make contradictory statements.

We have previously discussed the recent opportunity for chicken quota, and the gathering stakeholders of diverse viewpoints (see prior Blog postings here, here, here, here, and here)

The extra quota could be gifted, leased, or sold to the millionaire chicken producers, primarily located in Southern Ontario.  It is suggested this option will minimize the economic spin-off effects, and continue the under-servicing, abandonment, or poor servicing of the specialty chicken markets.

Petition for Affordable, Nutritious, Locally Produced Chicken for Ontario

You can sign the petition on-line here

Alternatively, the extra chicken quota can be earmarked for Small Flockers located throughout Ontario.  Small Flockers currently serve, and will likely better serve the diverse needs for specialty chicken, such as:
  • antibiotic-free,
  • diversified farm,
  • drug-free,
  • enhanced animal welfare,
  • free range,
  • full disclosure,
  • full traceability,
  • growth promotant free,
  • Halal,
  • heirloom breeds,
  • high sustainability,
  • integrated farm,
  • Kosher,
  • locally produced,
  • low carbon impact,
  • low environmental impact,
  • low fossil fuel use,
  • low Greenhouse Gas impact, and
  • naturally raised,
  • organic,
  • pastured,
  • slow-grow,
  • small farm,
  • Other specialty chickens and processes
We welcome all individuals and organizations to come join with Small Flockers.  To facilitate this, we have drafted a petition to summarize the issues and our prayers to the Federal and Provincial governments to set Small Flockers free, and thereby maximize the benefits for Ontario and the rest of Canada.

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