Friday, March 20, 2015

CFO Millionaires want to be Billionaires Sooner

Chicken Farmers of Ontario ("CFO"), lobbyists for 1,138 millionaire chicken farmers of Ontario, appealed to OFPMC for immediate relief of their members' terrible plight.  Those millionaires suffered a $0.051/kg price cut under the new farm gate pricing formula, which slows the rate at which those millionaires can become billionaires.  CFO says that is totally unacceptable, and cannot be tolerated.

"Being a millionaire chicken farmer in Ontario, I am now forced to make tough choices...a new
tractor or a new Maserati sports car.  I can no longer afford both."
Did you hear about the  Chicken Mafia farmer?  He would have to choose between buying a new tractor or a new Maserati, he could no longer afford both.

In 2014, CFO and their henchmen produced 470.7 million kg of live chicken.  At a loss of $0.051/kg, that is an average loss of $21,095 per Chicken Mafia farmer.

If I was one of them, I'd likely be sore about losing $21,000 per year from my pay cheque.
2015 Kia Optima, $24,795 MSRP

Enough empathy?  OK, let's continue.

That $21,000 won't buy you a Maserati, but it could have bought a brand new 2015 Kia.

The question remains, were the Chicken Mafia previously over-paid, or are they now under-paid?

I think I have previously answered that question, in spades.  More than 2 years ago, I presented the objective evidence that the Chicken Mafia had raped the Canadian public for bogus chicken charges from false and misleading Feed Conversion Ratio charges, totaling $945 Million per year for about 10 years (see Blog posting Bogus FCR takes $945 Million per year from Canadians ).

By each Chicken Mafia farmer disgorging $21,095 per year of the previously ill got gains, it will be 166 years before they have repaid their debt to society.

Slow, to be sure, but at least they have started the reimbursement process.

At CFO's AGM on 2015/03/12, CFO and its members were complaining about this repayment plan (see here and here).  They want to change the rules again, more in their favor.  It's tough being a millionaire when you really want to be a billionaire.

When AOCP heard that CFO wanted another kick at the cat, they too came up with "improvements" to help themselves.  Shockingly, AOCP was mentioning that they are in favor of "...advancing the industry through growth, increased efficiencies and consumer focus."

Consumer focus?

Are they feeling OK?

Since when were CFO and AOCP concerned about anybody but themselves?

I hope this is more than a bargaining ploy.  If it is for real, we support and welcome it.

If OFPMC is opening it up, perhaps Small Flockers should submit our Christmas List to Santa.  If not, our wish list may arrive too late.

I immediately sent an email to Mr. Gerri Kamertz, Chairman of OFPMC, CFO's supervisory body.  Here is a copy for you to enjoy.  Small Flockers' letter to OFPMC

What do you think?

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