Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Per Capita Foodbank Usage in Canada

Yesterday's Blog posting looked at the Canadian Foodbank usage and our growing dependency (see Foodbank Usage In Canada).  Today, we confirm it is a true problem, getting worse over time.

Some wisecracker might sniff and says that data is showing growth merely due to the effect of Canada's growing population.

When I adjusted the Foodbank usage data for Canada's growing population using StatsCan population growth rates, the adjusted Foodbank usage is growing faster than the population by 1.21% per year.

Figure 1:  Canadian Foodbank usage from 1989 to 2014, showing
2.21%/yr increase.  When adjusted for population increases since
1989, the rate of Foodbank usage still increases on a population
adjusted rate of 1.2% growth per year.
Therefore, there is a true growing dependency of Canadians on this system that was originally designed for acute, short term emergencies. Today, Foodbanks are filling two roles:
  • A solution for short term food emergencies;
  • A solution of long term, chronic shortfalls created by a vacuum in Canada's social systems.
Does this explain why the UN Special Raporteur was not satisfied with Canada's implementation of Food Security implementation?  See reports on how the UN feels that Canada is failing our poor and our First Nation peoples.

Canada's aboriginal people are said to be the worse off of all aboriginal peoples in the world.  Now there is something that Canada can be truly ashamed of, and need to take immediate corrective action.

What was Canada's response to the UN's Special Rapporteur's report?  Canada resented his report, and denied that there is a problem.  Hard to understand such a huge gulf between these two groups.  How do we explain this?

Canadian public health researchers have examined both sides of this issue, and report how this chasm has formed, and why it is likely to continue as unresolved.

Small Flock Poultry Farmers are standing by to help as soon as we are allowed to do so.  See our Small Flock Petition which, if permitted, will allow us to immediately help improve and relieve this chronic tragedy.

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