Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Complaint & The Solution

The governments have declared time & again that they are 100% committed to their broken, ineffective, and dangerous Supply Management System.  Here is a complaint about one aspect of this crazy Supply Management System, and a proposed solution for all of the current problems.

We have a number of problems with our Supply Management System in Canada for food production of eggs, chickens, turkeys, and dairy.  This Blog, through the 387 postings and in-depth investigations over the last 2.3 years have repeatedly shown the flaws in this SM system, and some proposed solutions.

The government is responsible for ensuring that this system adequately serves Canadians.

The government is responsible, through its legislation and regulations, are responsible for clearly and comprehensively describing what is expected, ensure adequate resources are available to achieve those expectations, and a framework for achieving those goals in an effective manner.

Poor legislation causes confusion and misinterpretation of what can and should be done.  The latest case in point is the mis-use of antimicrobials, primarily in CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) farms operated under the SM system.

Small Flockers believe the government has responsibility to:
  1. Ensure there are clear expectations (what must be done, what is prohibited)
  2. Ensure there are adequate resources (eg. responsibility, authority, money, personnel, equipment, tools, infrastructure, training, policies, procedures, etc.) to achieve those expectations.
  3. Ensure that the system (and the people in it) are adequately aware of the expectations, the actual results achieved, and the methods used.
  4. Ensure that where there is a gap (ie. non-compliance or ineffectiveness) between the expectations and the actual outcomes, that gap is closed and eliminated in a timely and effective manner so that this particular gap and all similar gaps never occur again.
Dr. Joseph Juran (1904-2008), Professor,
Consultant, & Author.  Dr. Juran was a
Quality Assurance Guru, one of the
leaders of the World-wide Quality
Four simple rules, based on Dr. Joseph Juran's teachings on Quality Assurance.  Dr. Juran is one of my personal heros.

It's unfortunate that the government hasn't seen the light so far.

Since the SM System has run amok for way too long, they will need remedial training and guidance on what those 4 simple rules mean.  We have to spell it out for them in a little more detail.  That is why we proposed 10 clarifications for the SM legislation and regulations in Canada (see Superbugs: CAFO-Induced Infections, and a 10-step solution 

Here is our letter of complaint to the Federal Government, Ontario Government, and the Chicken Supply Management System.  The same goes for all the other Provinces, Territories, and SM commodities, but for now we choose to focus our efforts at the epicenter of need.

Email:   Small Flocker's Complaint & Proposed Solution

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