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Last Post (or close thereto)

This will be one of our last postings to this Blog, or close thereto.

This video commemorates the last post (or close thereto) for the Blog of Small Flock Poultry Farmers of Canada ("SFPFC").

The yellow dots show the location of readers who came
to this Blog seeking truth, more than 147,000 visits from
more than 152 countries. Fortunately, Canada and Canadians
had 84% of the total pageviews.
This is our 402nd posting since starting this Blog of Feb. 28, 2013 more than 2 years ago.

The yellow dots in the world map to the right show the location of readers who came to this Blog seeking truth, more than 147,000 visits from more than 152 countries. Fortunately, Canada and Canadians had 84% of the total pageviews.

Our thanks to all those who came at least once, and especially to our loyal "Blog Dogs".

SFPFC advocates for the rights and freedoms of small flock farmers in Canada.  SFPFC helps small flock farmers to provide safe, nutritious, affordable, and locally grown food for all Canadians.

Currently, a select few millionaire farmers have over 99% market share for Supply Management food commodities in Canada (dairy, chicken, turkey, and eggs).

Those CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, or "Factory Farms") farms and farmers use their government created monopoly to price gouge all Canadians, charging 50% to 300% more than what the rest of the world pays for these essential foods.

SFPFC believes that if any monopoly is created or allowed to continue, it must be operated so that it's in the best interest of all Canadians, not just the 2,700 minority, but chosen few members of Canada's Chicken Mafia who dream of moving from millionaire to billionaire.

The Chicken Mafia use their monopoly to oppress and bully Small Flock farmers, strip them of their rights, and prevent them from growing the food needed by their families, neighbours and communities.

The Chicken Mafia use their monopoly to deliver poor quality, unsafe, or inferior chicken to their trapped customers.

I believe this Blog has informed and delighted most who came here.  Some, mainly the Chicken Mafia, government bureaucrats, and their henchmen, have been frustrated and very upset by this Blog.  They have suffered through one blow after the next as this Blog de-constructed and carefully examined and analyzed their corrupt and dysfunction system of Chicken Supply Management.  If they have mis-read or mis-interpreted this posting, they may incorrectly assume that they have won, their embarrassing exposure to the light of day is coming to an end.  Nothing can be further from the truth.

In our Feb. 28, 2013 Blog posting Campaign Strategy, I explained how we needed 23 doublings so that SFPFC's plight comes to the attention of 8.4 million people in Ontario.  Will 147,000 views so far, we have had more than 17 doublings.  Significant and worthwhile, as we are are 74% towards our goal, but we still need 6 more doublings.

To speed that doubling process even more, we need to shift tactics, and put our campaign vehicle in high gear.
Charles Boycott (1832 - 1897),
a Land Agent acting as the
henchman of an Absentee
Landlord, Lord Erne

First a little history so you can better understand what's coming.

Charles Boycott and Unfair Treatment of Irish Farmers

Irish tenant farmers were on starvation wages with no hope of escape for hundreds of years. When the Irish Potato Famine struck (1845 - 1852), approximately 1 million people died in Ireland, and a million more emigrated away from Ireland and the famine, causing the island's population to fall by between 20% and 25%.  Most countries in Europe suffered from potato crop failures in those years, but the policies of the English government and many decades of prior neglect turned Ireland's crop failure into a famine; far worse than any other country.

With a 25% drop in the Irish population, there was a shortage of peasant workers; first time since the Black Death.  Absentee landlords needed their tenant farmers more than ever before.  The relative power had shifted from the landlords to the tenants, giving the tenant farmers some additional negotiating power to improve their lot in life, and reduce their oppression and chronic abuse by the system.

Captain Charles Boycott was an English soldier posted in Ireland, who subsequently retired and was hired by an Absentee Landlord, Lord Erne. From previous hard times running his own farm, Boycott had become set in his mode of thought such that he had "strengthened his innate belief in the divine right of the masters, and the tendency to behave as he saw fit, without regard to other people's point of view or feelings".
In 1880, there was another poor crop in Ireland.  Boycott offered the tenant farmers a 10% reduction in their rents to assist their hardship.  The tenant farmers countered with a request for a 25% reduction.  Boycott refused, and the tenant farmers were evicted.  In solidarity for the evicted tenant farmers, everybody in the community banded together (or were coerced to do so) to shun Boycott, refusing to trade with Boycott, refused to talk to him, local businessmen stopped trading with him, and the local postman refused to deliver mail.  Boycott was never threatened, but mob discipline was in place to ensure the boycotting was maintained.

Boycott wrote a letter to The Times newspaper in Oct. 1880, to garner outside support for his difficulties.  Soon the new word "boycotting" was added to the English language all over the world.
The newspapers, landowners, and upper classes supported Boycott in his time of need.  Manpower to work Lord Erne's lands was eventually imported, with over 1,000 policemen to guard and protect the scab labor.  The harvesting of the crops cost at least £10,000 to harvest about £500 worth of crops.
In support of Boycott, as a test case of what could happen to other landowners, England subsequently passed many new draconian laws to prevent these similar types of tenant labor actions.  Backlash from those draconian laws subsequently lead to the formation of the Labor Party in England.

Boycott was severely damaged financially by the controversy, and finally left Ireland in Dec. 1880, but the controversy followed him for the rest of his life, everywhere he went.

What Comes Next

My condolences to the Chicken Mafia, but the public examination of SM's dyfunctional systems is not yet done.  Steel yourself, as everybody in Canada begins to more fully understand what you and your Supply Management system has been doing to innocent Canadians.

You may notice people looking at you in a funny way when you fill up with gas, or other encounters with members of your community; a slight but noticeable edge to the conversation.  If your position of respect in your community becomes somewhat tarnished, you'll know why.  While you and your family may be good people, people may judge you for the company you have been keeping; the dysfunctional and abusive Supply Management System.

Of course, you can circle the wagons and focus all of your efforts and social interactions with your family and other SM farmers; further isolating you, even more than today.  If your current friends and business associates are quick to judge you for your ties to the SM Mafia; the hell with them!

You, as a member of the Chicken Mafia, profit from the ill got gains coming from Supply Management.  While you didn't do it directly, you acquiesced and permitted it to occur and continue. Most Canadians will soon come to realize why you have a very comfortable lifestyle; perhaps similar to what Boycott felt 135 years ago.

Now that SFPFC's research on Canada's Chicken Supply Management ("SM") system has been completed more or less, we move to a different phase of our campaign to obtain freedom from this SM Tyranny.

Today, we announce the launch of our publicity, communication, education, and awareness building phase of our campaign.  This is where we make full use of all the research described in this Blog.

Today, we shift our primary focus from collecting fact, to communicating those facts.

Come learn, then choose if you will support our just cause.

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