Monday, May 25, 2015

Chicken Bone Soup

The crushing of Canada's Middle Class, the poor, and Small Flock Poultry Farmers continues unabated.  The millionaire Supply Management ("SM") beneficiaries, who aim to soon be billionaires, continue to receive the unjust benefits that their lobbyists have arranged for their Special Interest SM Mafia Masters.  Will these crushing conditions have any impact on the Fall 2015 Federal election in Canada?

At least we get a chicken bone.  Perhaps we can use it to make some Chicken Soup

If Canadians don't wake up from their long, deep sleep, the abuse will continue.

Agriculture has the most active corp of lobbyists at both the Federal and Provincial levels; far greater than any other sector of the economy.

Supply Management ("SM") lobbyists constantly whisper into the ears of politicians and bureaucrats, befriending them, supporting them financially and otherwise.  Is it any wonder we continue to have a SM system that benefits a select few while the public is kept in the dark and a propaganda-induced coma?

Some cracks in the palace walls of the SM castle can already be plainly seen by all who look.  Click on the link to read one or many examples under that topic:
Those 8 main cracks listed above (and others) continue to grow each day, mainly due to the inherent design flaws in the SM system.

Eventually, a small but significant shock event will occur from some unknown source.  That exogenous shock will suddenly accelerate the growth rate of those 8 SM cracks which previously grew naturally.  When one of those 8 cracks meets another crack, significant structural weakness will eventually occur in those SM walls.  The walls of the SM temple will then be weak enough to pose a danger, and a solution.  For at that time, those weakened walls of SM can be more easily breached and removed, freeing Canadians from their oppression by the SM Mafia.

Canadians have the primary role and natural strength to defeat the SM powers that enslave and persecute them.  First however, Canadians must wake up and learn the truth of how they have been abused and oppressed by the SM Mafia and their dysfunctional systems.  

Who knows.  A modern day Joshua may arrive to help topple the SM castle walls of today, perhaps similar to what happened to Jericho in 1,400 BC.

The timing of this awakening is unclear.  It could happen in time to impact this Fall 2015 election.  The Conservative Government of today certainly hopes that the citizens stay asleep in the dreamy work of propaganda they have created.

The sooner the Canadian citizens awake, the better.  SFPFC will be ready to share and help the awakening, whenever it occurs.

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