Friday, December 13, 2013

TV Interview Opportunities for Small Flockers

Rebecca Thompson, Sun News Network
Ms. Rebecca Thompson, Sun News Network correspondent did a TV interview of  me today at their offices in Toronto.

Rebecca would like to get some video footage at a small flock poultry farm to add to the story, and interview the farmer on-camera.

Since I am 14 hrs round trip from the Toronto, it isn't practical for Sun News Network to do the interview at my small flock farm. 

The small flock farmer needs to be in or near Toronto.  Rebecca will be in Ottawa next week, then Windsor in early January, so those locations, or some place near Hwy. 401 along the way could be possible too.

You will need to go on the record, and/or will be recognized on TV.  Realize that this will expose you, front and centre to the #ChickenMafia , the Chicken Police, and other authorities.  There is some small but significant risk of revenge, or abuse of power against you by these authorities down the road.  After all, you will be speaking out against the #ChickenMafia

If you are considering this opportunity to help the Small Flockers' cause, or have some questions about how this video interview would work, or would be willing to do the interview under some other terms & conditions, you can anonymously call me or email me so we can discuss it.

Alternatively, you can speak directly with Rebecca.  Here is her contact info:

Sun News Network Contributor
t 416.601.0010 x5832 | c 647.282.6171 | 
25 Ontario Street, Toronto, ON M5A 4L6 | follow me on twitter: @RThompsonSun
Sun News Network is Canada’s home for Hard News and Straight Talk. A Quebecor Media company. 
I believe this is a golden opportunity for Small Flockers, and the TV story will be significantly improved by a Small Flocker stepping up to do the interview.

I therefore encourage you to step forward to help our cause.

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