Saturday, December 28, 2013

Protest Song: The Chicken Rebellion

We now have the lyrics to a half baked protest song, to cheer us through our struggles and spread the word.

As this is the first song lyrics I have ever written, I'm sure many of you can do a lot better.  We need a whole songbook.  If you are willing to write it for free and donate it to the cause, SFPFC is willing to share with you on a 50/50 basis for any royalties that are created as it goes #1 on Billboard pop singles.

A friend of mine has been asked to set it to music, so we will soon have a melody to go with it.

Here it is, enjoy:

The Chicken Rebellion

Greed and unfair marks the chicken millionaire,
Factory farms are stained, but few are aware.
Protected by government, he rakes it in,
The poor will stay hungry, they can never win.

Small Flockers are oppressed, but we'll soon be free
Small Flockers have good food for you and for me,
We will fight for our rights, just you wait and see,
Fight Supply Management monopoly.

No sunlight or grass, but many dirty deeds,
Drugs and chemicals to the chickens he feeds.
Too much feed too fast, the chickens will be changed,
To millionaire's gold, but the food is deranged.


Three times the price for the chicken we pay,
Free superbugs are added most every day,
Few chicken exports the millionaires seek,
Exports are tough, but Canadian people are weak.


Canadians are weak, as we sleep
Millionaires think we are sheep
But soon Canadians will awake
The day of the millionaires' wake.


© 2013 Glenn Black
All rights assigned to SFPFC

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