Monday, December 2, 2013

Rebel or Slave

The SM5 Mafia (#ChickenMafia, #EggMafia, and all others) think I'm nuts.

They think I need to find a life for myself, other than bothering them.

They are convinced I waste my time.

"It's pointless", the SM5 Mafia says.  "We're all powerful.  He's just one guy with a few wanna-be-somebody stragglers.  We have the law on our side.  We have millions of dollars at our disposal.  We have many lawyers.  Those Small Flockers have nothing."

Small Flockers say, "We have a choice".

We can choose to accept our fate.  Equally well, we can choose to rebel against what is wrong, unfair, unjust, costly, unhealthy, and a fossilized bureaucracy.

We can choose to fight back.  We can choose to rebel.  So we did.  And so we shall.

Now is the time to send our message out to the world.

When the people of Canada and the world hear our message, some of them may choose to say "Oh well" and go back to their selfish routines.

Other people may choose to support our cause, or maybe join our cause; rebelling against the SM5, either for themselves, their family, or their world.

We will make our cause known to the world.  All peoples can listen, then they can freely decide what they'll do.

Our current goal is that nobody will be able to say, "I didn't know!"

So far, our cause is known by over 28,000 people in over 10 countries around the world.  All of these people now know the oppression and tyranny that Canadians are subjected to by the SM5 Mafia.  They shake their heads in disbelief.  Unfortunately, the reputation of Canada is diminished by the unjust systems that the governments allow and encourage to continue.  These newly aware people have a greater appreciation of the food freedom that they may enjoy.  The pain of Canadians brings a mixture of pain and relief to the rest of the world.

Look what we have accomplished in just 9 months.  With a life expectancy of 80 years, that 9 months of rebellion is just  0.93% of a typical lifetime.  With 21 more years possibly available to me, think how much more I will be able to accomplish as a rebel against the SM5 Mafia.

Now is not the time to quit.  We can make a difference. I choose to make a difference.  I choose to rebel.

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