Thursday, October 31, 2013

Revolt is Spreading

The revolt against the #ChickenMafia and #EggMafia is spreading.
Aaron Hiltz, free range egg farmer in Nova Scotia Canada
who defies the #EggMafia rules.  Image from CBC

First, there was Sean McGivern who informed CFO that he wasn't going to play by CFO's Kangeroo Court rules any more.

Now, there is Aaron Hiltz in Lake George, Kings County, Nova Scotia who is defying the Nova Scotia Egg Producers.

Map showing red arrow for Lake George, King County
Nova Scotia Canada, site of the latest revolt against
Canada's #EggMafia.  Click for larger map

Aaron has the courage to put 700 layers on his green grass pasture for free-run specialty eggs to supply his customers.  The Nova Scotia Don of the #EggMafia ( Nova Scotia Egg Producers) only permits 100 chickens per farm under their arcane rules.  These rules, made up by the #EggMafia are essential to protect the #EggMafia's monopoly for eggs.

Aaron asked for an exemption, but the #EggMafia refused.

CBC Television has done an interview on Aaron here.

The Chronicle Herald newspaper in Halifax NS, has done 10 articles about Aaron so far.

There is also a petition with 1,228 signatures in favour of Aaron and all others like him, asking the NS government to remove the quota systems so young farmers can farm.

Not yet, but soon, the governments across Canada will sense that there has been a sea change, and the old monopolies of Supply Management are no longer welcome, no longer appreciated, and will no longer be tolerated by the people.

The #EggMafia may crush Aaron for being one of the fist to stand up and defy their false authority, but there will be more who will follow in Aaron's footsteps.

More and more will be crushed by this Frankenstein machinery created by the government for the benefit of the #EggMafia, but eventually the gears will become jammed by the bones of people like Aaron, and it will suddenly stop turning, and then we will be free.

Honourable Leo A. Glavine, Nova Scotia's Minister of Health and Wellness is Aaron's MLA for the riding of Kings West for the Nova Scotia Provincial Legislature.  In support of Aaron, I sent Minister Glavine an email, outlining SFPFC's position and recommendations on how best to approach this difficult situation for the greater good of the people of Nova Scotia, Aaron, and the Egg Mafia.  I also copied a few thousand friends and acquaintances of Small Flockers in that email to Minister Glavine, as I'm sure they want to be kept in the loop.

2013/11/14 Addendum:  Friends and customers of Aaron have started a petition of support for Aaron.  Please consider signing it.  Aaron and his plight must be pretty important, as he has more signatures in a month than what I've collected for SFPFC in 8 months.  I hope he shares his petition secrets with us.

2014/10/14 Update:    Aaron plead guilty in Court and was fined $1,500.00

CBC News said:

"He doesn’t regret challenging the system.
“I felt like I was doing what was right trying to supply for my family and producing a product that was needed in the marketplace,” he [Aaron Hiltz] said.
Hiltz plans to move away from production and toward processing free-range eggs for other farmers.
Crowd Funding was started on the Internet to help Aaron pay his fine, and had already raised $1,000.00

The stress of Court for someone with a young family and a farm to run isn't easy.  I assume Aaron decided to take the easier, short term path (ie. plead guilty), rather than going down with the ship as a martyr (fighting on, distracted by the Court case so much that he ends up losing the farm due to neglect, &/or the cost of lawyers).  I trust that decision is one most people would choose under those circumstances.

Things have to be truly intolerable to suffer totally, sacrificing yourself for a cause.  We aren't quite there yet, but we are getting closer every day.  Soon, the circumstances will force other decisions to be made.

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