Sunday, October 13, 2013

Justice for Small Flockers

Small Flockers have rights.

The power and authority of all governments are limited.

Governments have duties they must fulfill for their citizens.

Provided the government adequately respects its citizens, protects them and their property, and fulfill their duties for its people, then and only then do the citizens owe the government their loyalty.

As best as I am able to tease it out, the following table shows the hierarchy of laws for Canada.

The Chicken Mafia is not all powerful, in spite of what they may think.  Note that the Chicken Mafia are #13 in the hierarchy; last place.

The Federal and Provincial Governments are neither omnipotent nor all powerful.  There are significant limitations on their governmental powers.

There's hope for regaining the rights of Small Flockers, and every citizens' right to buy and/or grow safe, nutritious, affordable, adequate, and locally available food.

Small Flockers and their communities of family, friends and neighbours will eventually find justice, either with these current governments, or the new governments that will soon replace the fossilized, old, and worn out governments of today.

Law Classification
Examples &/or Explanation
1 Most Supreme
God’s Law
Thou shall not kill
Natural Law
Inalienable Human Rights
Equality, freedom of thought and conscious, freedom from torture, dignity, right to food and to feed oneself, safety and sanctity of person, etc.
Fundamental rights,
Fundamental Justice,
Due process,
Rule of Law
Freedom from arbitrary arrest, right to face ones accusers and defend oneself, right for non-arbitrary decisions by government based on objective facts, freedom from secret trials, etc.
International Law,
International Treaties
Geneva Convention,
Free Trade Treaties, etc.
Common Law,

Equity Law
Right to quiet enjoyment of your property, right to gainful employment, right to use highways and streets, etc.

Right to fair treatment
Constitutional Law
1867 British North American Act
Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Peace, Order, & Good Government
Constitutional limits on the powers of Federal & Provincial governments & their statutes.  Governments must respect, protect, and fulfill their duties to help and protect its citizens, in return for their citizen’s loyalty to that government.
Federal Statutes
Canada’s Telecommunications Act

Supply Management laws for chicken, eggs, turkeys, and dairy
Provincial Statutes
Highway Traffic Act

Supply Management laws for chicken, eggs, turkeys, and dairy
Municipal Law
Ontario’s Municipal Act
Municipal By-laws & Resolutions
Municipal Zoning By-law, parking By-law, Noise By-law, Dog licensing
13 Weakest
Organizational By‑laws
By-law stating who is authorized to sign cheques, hold office, hire & fire, etc.

Chicken Mafia (eg. Chicken Farmers of Ontario, Chicken Farmers of Canada, quota-bearing chicken producers, and all their henchmen) and their rules, By-laws, and decisions they impose on the Small Flockers and the public.

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