Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ontario's Chicken Wars: Who's Winning?

The Dark Forces aligned with the Chicken Mafia:            -27
The Small Flockers & their holy alliance with Citizens:     +12

So far, the tide is slowly turning in favor of the Small Flockers and the public.

For the details on the scoring method, see here.

It is interesting that while the Chicken Mafia have a few things going for them, they are constantly shooting themselves in the foot.  The Chicken Mafia is all about negativity.

However, just because Small Flockers have been winning for the last little while, this is no guarantee that this will continue.  The Chicken Mafia has a lot at stake in this Chicken War.  They won't roll over and play dead.

Up until now, the Chicken Mafia has considered the Small Flockers as a nuisance, like a mosquito buzzing around their head.  They have huge power as compared to the mosquito.

Eventually, the Chicken Mafia will realize that their continued existence is truly threatened.  When that happens, watch out!

The more the Chicken Mafia sense they are losing, the more fiercely they will fight back.  Since the Chicken Mafia is arrogant, don't expect them to fight fairly, nor follow the rules of engagement that most civil societies expect and respect.  We need to prepare ourselves for dirty, illegal, and immoral actions by the Chicken Mafia Storm Troopers in Ontario.

Just because Small Flockers are winning, don't think that this Chicken War will be short lived.  The Chicken Mafia has huge mass, inertia, and resources.  With regulatory support from their henchmen in the Ontario Government , they can fight on for decades.  If given the choice, the Chicken Mafia will fight on, almost forever.

If the public chooses to take sides and make their choice clear and unequivicable, the Chicken War can be over in less than 2 years.  Without this public support, it will go on for decades.

Are you ready to take a stand, one side or another?

If you have additional points that you feel I missed, and want them added to the scoreboard, add them to the comments below.

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