Thursday, February 28, 2013

Campaign Strategy

Perhaps it's foolish to publish our tactics and strategies for this campaign.  However, I think we have far more to gain by building the consensus and gaining followers.

I'm lost as to how to get Supply Management from today's rickety state, to where it should be operating, in the best interest of the public.  How do we change the system without it crumbling before our eyes?  If anybody has an answer, I'm all ears. 

I believe we need to apply constant, continuous pressure with no artificial ultimatums or deadlines.

I believe the brilliant cut diamond is a model for our successful campaign.

A brilliant cut diamond has 58 facets.  Each facet is a different window looking into the diamond, each with a different point of view.  Some parts of the diamond is hidden from view in each facet, but no part of the diamond can be hidden from the views provided by all of the facets.  Each facet is unique, yet a part of the whole diamond.

In other words, we need 58 different approaches, rather than just one simple approach that could be easily deflected or dodged.

There must be no place for the government (or the special interest groups) to hide, no port in the storm where they are safe, no opportunity to rest, no relief from our friendly but persistent advocacy of our complaint and our solution.

Our hearts, souls, and actions must be totally aligned with the greater good of the public, not any personal or special interest goals.

We are here in this struggle to serve the public, not ourselves.

As Benjamin Franklin said to his fellow patriots (around the time of drafting the U.S. Declaration of Independence, when they were at risk of being hung for treason by the King of England), "We must hang together, for if we don't, we will surely be hung separately."

I think it applies here as well.

Today there is but one (me).  If I have a just cause, a clear vision, and communicate clearly, I hope to have my first follower soon.

That first follower is the bravest of all, for they will transform a "lone nutbar" into a "leader".

After that, we need to continue to grow our numbers exponentially.  During exponential growth, there is a doubling time.  With each doubling time, we gain more people than all those who previously joined.  With a population of 13.5 million in Ontario, we have 8.3 million people eligible to vote.

Starting with 1 person, we will have 8.4 million followers after just 23 doublings.

I think a week per doubling is the fastest possible rate we can reasonably expect.  That is approximately 6 months from now.  If it takes a month to double, we will be complete in about 2 years.  There is nothing to be gained by dragging this out forever.

In fact, delay sucks out our momentum, putting our ultimate success at risk.  Delaying us so that we lose momentum and stop our exponential growth is the only way the entrenched monopolists can defeat the people and their just cause.

Whether it has a doubling time of 2 weeks or 2 months, either way, the job will be done in my lifetime, for I'm only 59 years old.  If I should be taken early, I will need a Second to step into the breach.  Feel free to nominate yourself.

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