Thursday, February 28, 2013


The following documents have been sent or received during the discussions between Small Flock Poultry Farmers and the various government officials and agencies:
  1. 2012/01/06, G. Black --> OMAFRA, Email on problems with Meat Regulations
  2. 2012/01/26, G. Black --> Hon. Gerry Ritz, Min. Ag. & Agri-Foods, Canada
  3. 2012/02/13, G.Black --> OMAFRA, did you get email of 2012/01/06?
  4. 2012/02/16, OMAFRA --> G.Black, Response to G.Black's email of 2012/01/06
  5. 2012/02/20, G.Black --> OMAFRA, Response to OMAFRA letter of 2012/02/16
  6. 2012/03/27, OMAFRA --> G.Black, Response to G.Black letter of 2012/02/20
  7. 2012/04/18, G.Black --> OMAFRA, Response to OMAFRA letter of 2012/03/27
  8. 2012/05/18, OMAFRA --> G.Black, Response to G.Black letter of 2012/04/18
  9. 2012/05/22, G.Black --> OMAFRA, Response to OMAFRA letter of 2012/05/18
  10. 2012/05/22, G.Black --> MICA (new local abattoir), will you please process my poultry? NO!
  11. 2012/05/22, G.Black -->BurtFarms (local private abattoir), will you please process my poultry? NO!
  12. 2012/05/22, G.Black -->CFO, asking for assistance to Small Flock Chicken Farmers
  13. 2012/06/01, Risk Assessment Farm Gate Meat Sales
  14. 2013/02/21, G.Black --> CFO, Complaint Small Flock Exemption, CFO Policies

    2013/03/09 Addendum: In Document 14 above (2013/02/21), at Section 9.m, I declare that I live in a food desert.  In the description of this local condition, I failed to mention a butcher shop that is about 5 km from the centre of our hamlet.  This butcher shop, Papa's Meats, sells meats, cheese,  locally caught whitefish, and a limited supply of canned goods, breads, and dairy products.  Unfortunately, they don't normally carry any fruits or vegetables (neither fresh nor frozen).  On page 2 of Document #15 below (2013/02/22), I made a similar statement about living in a food desert, and again failed to mention this same butcher shop.  My thanks to Joan at Papa's Meats for suggesting this clarification.
  15. 2013/02/22, G.Black -->OMAF + Premier, Request change to Meat Regulations
  16. 2013/02/25, CFO --> G.Black, Thanks for info, will consider sometime in future
  17. 2013/02/25, G.Black --> CFO, Response to CFO letter 13/02/25, request immediate hearing
  18. 2013/02/25, Petition for Improving Meat Regulations, Small Flock Quota Exemption Limits
  19. 2013/03/01, CFO --> G.Black, Hearing request will be raised at next CFO Board meeting
  20. 2013/03/07 G.Black --> CFC, Request evidence of compliance to Fed-Prov. Chicken agreement
  21. 2013/03/21  CFO -->G.Black, Request for CFO Board hearing of complaint denied
  22. 2013/03/25   SFPFC --> Public flyer on $10.8 Billion Fascist Chicken 
  23. 2013/04/03 Chicken Full Disclosure Form for Traceability & Consumer's Benefit 
  24. Mar. 26, 2013 G.Black --> FPMC to intercede on my behalf with my complaint against CFOO
  25. May 23, 2013 FPMC -->G.Black refuses to intercede with CFO, refers me to OMAF Tribunal
  26. June 6, 2013 G.Black--> OMAF Tribunal, asking for information on how to proceed with complaint.

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