Thursday, February 28, 2013

Who is CFO working for?

Read the following:
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs Act
  • Farm Products Marketing Act
  • Farm Products Marketing Commission rules
  • Chicken Plan

  • CFO's governance By-laws
In all these documents, not once do you see the requirement that this monopolistic system be run for the greater good of the Ontario public.
I wonder why not?
Unfortunately, CFO does as it is permitted to do; CFO acts in its own best interests, rather than for the greater good of the Ontario public.
I'm not sure if CFO acts in the best interest of the quota-bearing chicken farmers who they are supposed to represent.
The Ontario government created a monopolistic system of marketing boards, then allowed those board to slowly evolve into a weapon of mass destruction that is in daily use against Ontario's citizens.

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