Monday, February 23, 2015

Using Chicken to Rape the Ontario Consumer

Has CFO crossed the line into unacceptable behaviour again?  OFPMC is supposed to supervise the actions of CFO and others.  Has OFPMC encouraged CFO's bad behaviour, or turned a blind eye towards it?

In a previous post (see Chicken Pricing: From Bad to Worse), I pointed out the consequences of the latest "improvement" in regulations issued by Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission ("OFPMC").

Today, I sent CFO and OFPMC an email asking for the missing information, and for them to explain their actions.

It escapes me how anybody could call the new system for setting the live farm gate chicken prices in Ontario to be an "improvement" over the previous system.  Today, we have more complexity, less transparency, and more opportunity for arbitrary action.

Agri007 picked up my original Blog posting, and added some interesting detail on the added complexity and bureaucratic bafflegab.

As to the arbitrariness, note in Section 18.(2) of ON Regulation 402 (as amended by O. Reg 6/15),  which says:
"CP means the live chick price for sexed mixed chicks established by the Ontario Broiler Hatching Egg and Chick Commission for each quota period, expressed in dollars per kilogram of live chicken, and adjusted as necessary by the negotiating agency each quota period" [emphasis added by me]

Under Section 17 of this Regulation, CFO and their "friend" AOCP (Association Ontario Chicken Processors, the multi-millionaire Big Food owners of the major chicken slaughtering plants and distribution systems) both sit on the "negotiating agency". 

The same arbitrary latitude is given to the Chicken Mafia (ie. CFO, AOCP, and all their henchmen) for the "FP" (Feed Price) factor that is the prime factor that controls live farm gate pricing of chicken.

Exactly how and why should the Chicken Mafia "adjust" the CP and FP?

What limits exist for adjusting?  Is +/- 1% or +/- 300% adjustment OK, or somewhere in between?

Does the Chicken Mafia have to tell anybody when they have been privately fiddling with the numbers?

Does the public (or other interested parties such as Small Flockers or Affordable Food Advocates) get an alert when the Chicken Mafia has been playing fast and loose with the farm gate prices?

Are there improper reasons for the Chicken Mafia to adjust these price fixing factors?

It is obvious to me that it's the public, the end consumer and purchaser of the chicken, who ultimately pays the bills for anything that the "negotiating agency" decides.

Am I the only one on this planet who understands the sad yet shocking truth?  CFO and AOCP are not adversaries, they are in cahoots with each other.  There can be no "fair bargain" when both CFO and AOCP work together to screw the Ontario consumer.  Both CFO and AOCP realize that if they mutually co-operate with each other, their profits will be maximized; all paid for by the Ontario consumer.  When CFO and AOCP co-operate with each other, the price of chicken in Ontario rises faster and the choice available to consumers diminishes.

The analogy that applies to ON Regulation 402 and its "negotiating agency" is as follows:
The Mafia Don has instructed two of his henchmen to negotiate the agreed split of the loot that they will rob from every house and business in town.  After very tough negotiations, the robbers decided amongst themselves to split the loot 60-40, a fair split the robbers decide, as it recognizes the greater skill and years of experience by the lead robber.  Shaking hands on their deal, the two robbers then set out to burglarize every building in town and split the proceeds 60-40 as they have privately agreed.  The Mafia Don is happy because his cut of the loot is maximized.  The robbers are both happy because they each have help with all the heavy lifting they must do as they rob everybody in town, and one can be the lookout for the other, ensuring the authorities never interfere.  Unfortunately, the innocent townspeople are preyed upon to the maximum, because the thieves have organized themselves and rob in an efficient manner with no in-fighting.

Why doesn't OFPMC understand that they have guaranteed maximum damage and oppression to the Ontario consumers of chicken by their crazy regulation?

Will somebody stop OFPMC, CFO, and AOCP from their dysfunctional system and the systemic abuse of the Ontario public?

At the top of this Blog page, SFPFC says, "...Small Flockers are on the side of justice & truth, and against privilege & power."

SFPFC can't do it alone.  Will somebody help stop this organized raping of the Ontario public? 

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