Sunday, February 22, 2015

Social Justice through Chicken and Eggs?

The United Church of Canada, like many other organized religions, have been involved in social justice issues for many decades, if not throughout their entire existence.  Could there be a shared focus between these church groups and SFPFC's issues and expertise?

The United Church is multifaceted on its areas of focus for outreach, mission & service, and social justice.  Some of those initiatives have been in Canada, as well as around the world.  Some of the issues, both past and current, for the United Church have been:
  • Nutritious Food,
  • Affordability of food,
  • Food Bank dependency
  • Small farm & family farm focus,
  • Concentration of ownership & control of our food system
  •  Local food
The details on these UCC initiatives can be reviewed here:
  Is there sufficient alignment between UCC and SFPFC to make it worthwhile for both organizations to work co-operatively for the greater good of Canadians?

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