Friday, February 27, 2015

Backyard Poultry

Followup question on yesterday's posting Fantastic Financial Future via Pastured Poultry Profits Project ("PPPP")

I have been questioned as to why 2,000 birds, and how big of a farm do they need.

To raise 2,000 bird per year, with fresh grass under the bird's feet every day as pastured poultry, will require a grass pasture (or lawn), of just 81 ft. x 81 ft. (ie. 0.15 acres).

Just about anybody, anywhere, can grow 2,000 birds per year, producing 2,731 kg of eviscerated chicken each year, which would provide an annual chicken supply for 74 people at the Canadian average of 37 kg of chicken per person per year.

Is this why CFO won't raise the quota limit for Small Flockers?

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