Saturday, June 7, 2014

Chicken Factories: New Heights of Depravity

Chickens in battery cages inside chicken factories have a poor life experience.  There is now a depraved proposal to use virtual reality headsets on all imprisoned chickens, so as to allow chicken factories to continue undisturbed in its dubious or depraved methods.
An illustration of what a virtual reality headset might look
like as worn by a chicken kept inside a battery cage within a
chicken factory.  This idea is proposed as
"The Matrix meets Chicken" so as to fool a chicken into
believing it has quality of life.

What an imprisoned chicken would see through their
virtual reality headgear.
Prof. Austin Stewart at Iowa State University has proposed virtual reality lifestyle for imprisoned chickens so that factory chicken producers can get maximum profits while criticisms by animal rights activists are deflected.

A more detailed description of a chicken's proposed virtual world is described here.

Interesting idea, but can we all agree that this is a bad solution to a bad problem that can more easily be solved by small flock, free range, pasture perfect chicken?

This crazy proposal has gone viral.  Even the highbrow The Economist has covered this "important development", as they said,
"Chicken scientists have worked on a variety of ways to minimise the harm to chickens from this factory environment, basically all of which are horrifying to some degree. They include the breeding of blind chickens, which apparently are less bothered by cramped environments, or the production of headless chickens, in which part of the brain or the entire head is removed but the body is kept alive to fatten up and haunt the dreams of everyone who learns of the technique."
Thanks for sharing your ideas.

Instead of decapitated chickens on life support, or virtual reality chickens, I vote for small flock, free range chickens.

I hope you do too.

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  1. Are they for real?! Instead of doing what's right and providing a real quality of life, they invest in virtual reality technology. What a bunch of degenerates!


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