Friday, June 6, 2014

Sickening Chicken

She won't buy chicken anymore.  She can't buy it, for it makes her young son very ill.  So as to simplify family meals, everybody else in the family abstains as well, starting about 2 years ago.

She is afraid of the antibiotics, chemicals and hormones that she thinks are in the store-bought chicken.  The doctor told her to stay away from it.  She's listening to the doctor's advice.

I just got back from the meat display case of the large, national grocery chain store.  I was collecting more price information for my retail chicken price database.

I noticed the young lady who seemed to be wondering what I was doing on my knees in front of the chicken display, as she was looking at the beef and pork section beside me.

I decided to ask her, "Hi!  I was wondering how you'd describe the price and quality of the chicken sold in Canada?"

She replied, "I don't buy chicken."

I asked, "Do you mind me asking why you don't buy chicken?"

That's when she told me about her ban on chicken purchases.  I nodded in understanding of her plight.  I reached into my pocket and gave her one of my SFPFC business cards.  She studied it carefully.

I explained we are trying to do something about those issues, and many more, for everybody in Canada.

I asked if she would be willing to send me an email with all the details about how she feels about chicken.

She said she would.

I thanked her, and went back to logging the prices and specifications on the various cuts of chicken in plastic wrapped trays.

I hope I get the email.  If any of you have similar stories, I would like to receive them too.

Hopefully somebody will soon start to listen a little better.

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