Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Unaffordable Chicken in Ontario

Is chicken unaffordable in Ontario for the "Working Poor"?  Is the situation getting better, or worse, over time?  Unfortunately, I have bad news again.  Here is more evidence of the crimes or misdemeanors of the #ChickenMafia in Ontario, and the rest of Canada.

Yesterday in this Blog, we examined LICO-chicken (see LICO-Chicken = "Let Them Eat Cake" ) to see how retail chicken has become 16% affordable over the last 14 years for those living at the poverty level, as defined by LICO (Low Income Cut-Off).

Today, we will look at the working poor, defined as those earning at or about the Minimum Wage.

To make my case more obvious and easy to understand, I have chosen to explore the situation in the time period of 1995 to 2005, a 10 years period when the Ontario public was abused worse than usual.

This is the sad tale of Ontario citizens during the rein of the hereditary aristocracy of millionaires running the Ontario #ChickenMafia.

Between 1995 and 2003, the minimum wage was fixed at $6.85 per hour.

Seeing an opportunity to make even more millions of profit for themselves, the #ChickenMafia started issuing self-serving price increases for chicken.

The #ChickenMafia also allowed a laissez-faire abdication of their government-delegated powers and duties to manage the marketing of chicken (ie. processors, further processors, distributors, and importers of chicken in Ontario, all of whom are "friends" or accomplices of the #ChickenMafia members).

The rule of thumb for the #ChickenMafia is:
"Scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours."

After all, there is honour among thieves; and likewise, millionaires.

The #ChickenMafia caused or permitted retail chicken prices to rise at  3.44% per year, which is a doubling and re-doubling of chicken prices every 20.4 years.  In total over this 10 year period, retail chicken prices went up by a whopping 43.3%.

As the retail price of chicken climbed higher and higher, the affordability of chicken dropped at 2.7% per year; halfing and re-halfing chicken affordability every 25.9 years.  This data is described as the number of kg of chicken that you can buy per hour worked at minimum wage.  In total over this 10 year period, the affordability of chicken dropped by 31.7%

Eventually, the Provincial government was forced to act.  In 2004, the Ontario minimum wage was raised.  In 2005, it was raised again.

While these minimum wage increases were designed to help the working poor, the #ChickenMafia rubbed their hands together in glee that their lobbyists had successfully created a perpetual wealth machine.  The #ChickenMafia keeps raising chicken prices, and the Ontario government keeps raising the Minimum Wage so the more expensive chicken stays somewhat affordable for the Working Poor.

Around and around we go, extracting wealth from all citizens and giving it to the Chicken Mafia.  As far as the #ChickenMafia is concerned, this "game" must continue forever.

Unfortunately, Ontario sets the pace for the rest of Canada.  If the #ChickenMafia can get away with it in Ontario, then the #ChickenMafia in the rest of Canada are encouraged to try the same scheme too.

Unfortunately for the #ChickenMafia, there is a growing number of citizens who are becoming wise to the plans and sordid history of the #ChickenMafia, and are no longer willing to sit back and be continuously screwed by them.

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