Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Germany refuses US Contaminated Chicken. Why not you?

Germany has consistently refused to allow the importation of contaminated chicken that has been washed with chlorine water solutions so as to remove some of the deadly contamination.  Canada accepts this contaminated chicken.  I wonder why.

Angela Merkel said, "There will be no import of chlorine-washed chicken from the United States. I have prevented it for years and will continue to do so. There is no question about that,"

In the 12 to 24 hours before shipping to slaughter, the chickens are allowed water, but are not allowed to eat any food.  This saves the chicken factory producer on feed used, and minimizes the undigested food in the bird's digestive tract, minimizing the material present during the slaughter process.  Because the chickens had food removed from them for many hours before shipping, the manure during shipping is liquid diarrhea, full of bacteria.

The chickens becomes contaminated by being placed in crates stacked one on top of the other while on the shipping truck going from chicken factory to the slaughter plant.  The bottom row of chickens receive a rain of manure coming from all the chickens above them.  Their feathers become coated in the potent chicken manure.  During the slaughter process, that external contamination gets sprayed everywhere during the high speed mechanized slaughter process.  The internal contents of the bird's digestive tract released during the slaughter process adds to the mess.

With fecal matter flying everywhere, the eviscerated chicken meat become highly contaminated, inside and out, with fecal matter.  To minimize the impact of this contamination, high pressure spray nozzles are used with acid, caustic, chlorine, or other chemicals to wash some of the contamination away.  Of course, the bacteria can't all be washed away, in spite of their best efforts.

The chickens smell of chlorine, taste of chlorine, and still have significant risk of food poisoning is the consumer makes even a small mistake.

With Germany and the rest of the EU refusing to receive contaminated chicken rinsed in chlorine solutions, that means there will be no shortage of this "wonderful" product so as to ensure and enhance Supply Management's ongoing abuse of the Canadian consumer.  By the way, Canadian slaughter plants used by the chicken factory producers use similar technology and chemicals, so the Canadian chicken isn't any better than what is imported from the US or elsewhere.

Alternatively, a farmer with a sharp knife can cleanly dispatch a chicken one at a time with 96.3% less contamination (ie. 133 CFU during on-farm slaughter vs. 3,600 CFU with the government approved high speed machine slaughter system.  See Joel Salatin and our Blog posting  Hope for the Mega Meat Manufacturers?)

Germany has made their decision.  What will Canadians choose for themselves?

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