Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Seasonal Greetings

Spicy thanks and warm wishes to:

  • All poultry birds in Canada and world-wide, without whom there would be many poultry farmers out of work;

  • All those who choose to do animal husbandry with the feathered flocks, keeping them well cared for until their final destiny;

  • All those who have access to nutritious, affordable poultry meats and eggs, and choose to partake;

  • All those who need and want affordable food, and will hopefully be able to soon get some, both now and forever more;

  • The governments and tart mandarins that garnish, enable, support, and assist all that we do;

  • The  CSIS, CSEC, BIAS, DFAIT, CSEC, RCMP, DND, SIGINT, CSE, HIC, FVEY, STONEGHOST, UKUSA, FAD, 9-Eyes, 14-Eyes, GCHQ, CIA, NSA, MI-5, and all other groups so secret that they themselves don't realize they exist, while they patiently listen, record, store, track, and metadata compile all that is written here (see here and here);

  • All those poultry activists, deviant misfits, uninformed citizens who are slowly awakening, and fossilized bureaucrats around the world who read, comment, or hide out herein while they are hacked, tracked, metadata indexed, IP-addressed, and GPS co-ordinated;

that we may all recognize and accept the existence of all other factions, share openly, learn about each other, find common ground, and develop a shared and mutually acceptable vision for the future.

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