Monday, April 6, 2015

Dirty Chicken in UK, Same as Canada?

The United Kingdom is waking up to the consequences of contaminated chicken.  Chicken processing (ie. slaughter) plants are mechanical engineering marvels.  However, poor design, improper actions byemployees, and management that turns a blind eye to both issues puts everybody at risk.

 Campylobacter poisons more that 280,000 people every year in the UK.  Chicken, as the favorite meat in the UK, is a major source of food poison.

More than 66% of chickens on retail grocery store shelves are contaminated with deadly bacteria.   The entire system, from hatchery, to CAFO farm, to slaughter plant, to retail stores are all guilty of contributing to the contamination, and the increasing severity of the resulting infections.

The Chicken Mafia spends the greatest effort in generating misleading and distracting propaganda that talks about compliance to food safety.  In reality, the Chicken Mafia applies much less effort to ensure true compliance to food safety.

We all feel for the people of UK.

Unfortunately, is it any better in Canada?

Likely, it is just as bad or worse in Canada.

Just as the government hides the problem in the UK, OMAFRA and/or CFIA hides (or allows the Chicken Mafia to hide) the same or similar problems in Canada.

What a mess!

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