Saturday, August 9, 2014

I get Knocked Down, but I get up Again...

2014/08/11 8:13 PM addendum

This posting's Rev.  5 draft version is obsolete, replaced by Rev. 8 version available here:

Response Draft #8 to Notice to Dismiss Appeal

Original Posting

I get Knocked Down, but I get up Again.  You're never gonna keep me down.  The new theme song for Small Flockers, and our ongoing battle with Chicken Farmers of Ontario ("CFO").

The Tribunal has decided, or CFO convinced them, that my appeal of the small flock regulation is not suitable.  They allege that:
  • I have failed to file an appeal that meets their minimum standards
  • My appeal is frivolous, vexatious, or made in bad faith. 
  • They have no powers or jurisdiction to hear any of my complaints.
The Tribunal said they would give me one last chance, an opportunity to submit up to 10 pages to convince them that none of these allegations are true.  To make all of this "legal", they sent me a Notice Of Intention To Refuse To Hear Appeal.

Now, I have 15 days to respond before they pull the trigger and my appeal is summarily executed.

I have drafted a Small Flocker response, Rev. 5.  I am not totally happy with what it says right now, so further improvements are needed.  I have used up every available square millimeter of space, so if something is missing, something else will have to be deleted.

I hope you will give it a read, and offer some of your life experience as suggestions to improve.

The deadline for filing an answer is 4:00 PM on Friday Aug. 15, 2014.  Your suggestions need to be submitted by the 14th so I have time to review them, and get them entered into the draft.

Even though the blindfold is in place, our hands are tied behind our back, and we are up against a bullet riddled wall, it doesn't necessarily mean it's time to panic.

Rev. Hugh MacDonald (a friend of mine and former Pastor) told me that back in the 1980's, he was involved in a protest against indiscriminant pesticide spraying to control the spruce budworm in Nova Scotia.  An informal group of citizens tried complaining to the government, but the government wouldn't listen, so they took the government to court.  The legal challenge was lead (or assisted) by Elizabeth May, law student and daughter of one of the citizen leaders.  That group of citizens lost in Court, but that loss, and the publicity gained, helped them win in the court of public opinion.  Without the loss of the court battle, and its focusing of public attention, they might never have won the war against indiscriminate pesticide spraying.

Perhaps that battle helped focus the life of Elizabeth May, who is now the Party Leader of the Green Party of Canada, and a Member of Parliament.  

I wonder if Small Flockers are destined to take the same (or a similar) path through history?

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