Friday, August 15, 2014

Affordable Chicken for the Average Ontario Consumer

What has happened to chicken affordability for the average person in Ontario?

Previously, I looked at chicken affordability for those living in poverty see LICO-Chicken = "Let Them Eat Cake"), and for those living on Minimum Wage (see Unaffordable Chicken in Ontario).  Now, lets look at what is happened for the average person in Ontario.

Chicken Affordability for the average Ontario citizen from 2000 to 2011 has dropped by 13.5%
 The above graph was constructed using data from Statistics Canada on the household income of all persons who filed an Ontario T1 income tax, and the retail price of chicken in Ontario from Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada.

As can be seen in the graph, the affordability of chicken has dropped by 13.5% over this 11 year period.

Let's summarize our chicken affordability data:
  • Poverty People (LICO):   Chicken affordability dropped 16%
  • Minimum Wage People:   Chicken affordability dropped 31.7%
  • All T1 income tax filers:   Chicken affordability dropped 13.5%
  • Millionaires:   ?
  • Billionaires:    ?
Seen enough?

Somebody has an agenda for raising the price of chicken irregardless of its affordability.  CFO has been given the regulatory powers to control everything about chicken, including the distribution and pricing.

Is CFO aware of these issues?  Are they taking action to stem or reverse these trends?  Or are they helping to create this trend for themselves and their friends, in spite of their duty to serve the greater good of the Ontario public?

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