Monday, July 21, 2014

Petition Partners

The appeal paperwork has been filed just before the deadline.  Next, we need Petition Partners to help our cause.

I have drafted up a petition to be delivered to the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Appeals Tribunal, encouraging them to study the available evidence concerning the Small Flock Regulation of Chicken Farmers of Ontario ("CFO"), then have the courage to do what is in the best interest of Ontario.

Petition for Small Flockers Appeal, Rev. 1   
WE the undersigned petition the Tribunal as follows:

Carefully consider all applicable evidence, then improve CFO’s Small Flock Regulation so that:

1) CFO must first serve the greater good of the public, before serving the special interest goals of CFO and its members;

2) Small Flocker’s rights and freedoms are protected;

3) Adequate quota exemption is provided to small flock chicken farmers so they can be a viable alternative to the quota-based mega chicken factory system operated under CFO.

Also, the Tribunal is petitioned to recommend other improvements to Ontario’s Chicken Supply Management System.

That won't be easy for the Tribunal Panel to do.

They need encouragement to make a stand for the greater good, rather than the self-serving prior behaviours of Chicken Farmers of Ontario ("CFO") and the Chicken Mafia.

They need to be reminded that these issues are important to most people in Ontario, not just a lone nut with a Blog.

I had the bravery and empathy to start this issue off.  If I remain a "lone nut", then this issue will die with me, no matter how dedicated I may be.

Followers have an even more important role.  A follower changes a "lone nut" into a "Leader".  Here is a short 3 minute video that explains the concept of Leaders and Followers.

Dare to follow.

What I need are Followers, many Followers, who will download this Petition, print it off, sign it themselves, for it is extremely difficult for the first person to sign a blank Petition, then take it with them everywhere they go.  Explainto your family, friends, neighbours why you decided to be a Follower, and encourage them to follow too.

When you have a full Petition, mail it, scan and email it, or Fax it to me.  I will include it in the package that I send to the Tribunal.  Ten thousand signatures would be nice.  If every Follower did one Petition each, with 39 signatures per Petition, we need 256 Followers.

Will you be one of my Followers?  I need your help.

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