Thursday, July 17, 2014

Appeal #2 Submitted

I finally finished drafting my Notice of Appeal #2, or more correctly, it finished me.  Now the ball is in the court of Chicken Farmers of Ontario, and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Appeals Tribunal.

The Tribunal said the only issue I was allowed to bring up was the small flock regulation.  Today, the average small flock in Ontario is just 57 birds.  That 57 birds will feed one family for a year.  Few small flockers bother growing for their neighbours anymore.  Too many regulations, and at 300 birds maximum, it isn't worth the effort to try and run it as a business for most sane people.

This appeal is about freedom for small flockers.  We want our freedom from CFO, but will settle for 2,000 birds per year limit.

Here are the files:

Notice of Appeal      98 pages, 816 kB, Adobe Acrobat X pdf

Affidavit of Glenn Black      5 pages, 592 kB, Adobe Acrobat X pdf

Notice of Constitutional Questions      6 pages, 26 kB, Adobe Acrobat X pdf

I had 60 days to re-draft all of this.  I invested the first bit of that time to decompress, assess if I was ready to try again, and get some personal stuff done that had been abandoned in favor of this project.

I had limited time, knowledge, and budget, so others may have been able to have done a better job, but I tried my best.  Now we have to wait to see what happens next.

Thanks to all of you that reviewed the previous drafts, and made suggestions to help.  I even received a few links for case law that were included in the final version.

Have a tall cold one on me.  I know I will!

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