Friday, August 23, 2013

Why Change Now?

As recently posted, OFPMC has cut the throat of CFO and the Chicken Monopoly by reducing the FCR by 16.3%.

This is obviously a very significant change.

Why make this change?

Why do it now?

One reader of this Blog, Jim Rohman suggests:
"...reform of marketing boards will come only if and when they are in dire straits with no choice."

Winston Churchill (or Israeli Diplomat A. Eban, depending on the source cited) once said:

"You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else."

Perhaps these wayward bureaucracies operate on the same principles referred to in the above famous quotation.

I think there are overwhelming piles of anecdotal evidence to support the theory that bureaucracies will only make painful changes when they have no other choice.

If that is so, then why quit the stonewalling?  Why admit that the FCR was way out of whack?  Why did OFPMC force a significant change at this time?

CFO says it was Association of Ontario Chicken Processors (AOCP) who complained.  Note that neither this Blog nor any of the greatest critics of the Chicken Mafia were given the nod by CFO as causing or contributing to this significant change.

CFO would have you believe that the chicken industry is healing itself.  CFO wants everybody to believe that a small bookkeeping error in the FCR inadvertently occurred a long time ago.  CFO also wants us to believe that sharp-eyed chicken industry insiders found this miniscule slip, and promptly got it corrected.

Unfortunately, the facts don't fit CFO's rationalization and cover story.

The FCR "error" has existed for more than 10 years.  There have been legions of people squawking about CFO's phony FCR for a very long time.  I and this Blog have joined the chorus just since Feb. 2013, making even more noise about this evil FCR.

Somebody at CFO had to propose that phony FCR ten years ago, justifying it to both the chicken processors and the government oversight regulators.  Was this phony FCR true at any time in the 10 years it was in effect? 

How did CFO slip these fraudulent assumptions past everybody back then?

How did CFO keep that lie alive and well all this time?

Perhaps there is a true criminal mastermind lurking in the shadow, within CFO, or using CFO as a facade behind which they can hide as they plot and scheme against Canadians.

To think that they would go to such lengths for just a few billion dollars of reward.

So why not continue to stonewall?

If CFO says AOCP generated the complaint that initiated the change, can we believe them?  Does AOCP have enough clout with OFPMC or the Ontario government; enough lobbying and arm twisting behind the scenes that OFPMC was forced to act at this time?

After all, AOCP is an industry group of dozens of corporations, each of which has millions to billions of dollars sales each year, and owned by billionaires.  Who would think that they would have any influence on the powers that be?

 I can't wait to find out how this chicken soap opera finally ends.

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