Friday, August 9, 2013

Round # 7 with Chicken Farmers of Canada

We are now into Round 7 of the heavy weight fight between Small Flockers and CFC (Chicken Farmers of Canada).

So far CFC has dodged every punch thrown by the rookie Small Flockers.  Years of experience at doging responsibility and tying everybody up in endless bureaucracy and doublespeak has obviously come in handy for CFC, a long time veteran of the ring.

Just because CFC has been a long time winner doesn't make them a popular favorite with the crowd.  There is a small group of 2,700 supporters in CFC's; all of them paid handsomely for their ongoing support and blood allegiance to CFC, the Mafia Don of Chicken.  There are severe consequences for any of those followers who are merely suspected of questioning CFC's control, or for becoming a whistleblower and squealing to the authorities.

FPCC (Farm Products Council of Canada), formally known as National Farm Products Council (names have been changed to protect the guilty) is the supervising and monitoring agency to ensure CFC does what they are supposed to do.  This week, I received a letter from Mr. Laurent Pellerin, Chair of FPCC, stating that he saw no basis for my complaint against CFC.  That was the end of Round #6.

Small Flockers   0
CFC                  6

It does not matter how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get up.

- Vince Lombardi
Within 3 days of FPCC's letter, I had a revised complaint against CFC drafted, checked, and off to FPCC and CFC.  Round #7 has begun.  Many people believe that 7 is a lucky number.  Will it be lucky for CFC, or Small Flockers?

Only time will tell.

Place your bets.

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