Saturday, May 18, 2013

Time's Up, CFC

Chicken Farmers of Canada ("CFC") has an important role to play in the Supply Management System for chicken.  Under the Federal-Provincial Agreement for Chicken, 2001 CFC agreed, and was made responsible for a number of issues, including working co-operatively with all the other parties.  With all of the problems in the supply management system, I wanted to know how well CFC was doing in its role.  I asked CFC for objective evidence to show they were doing an excellent job, and achieving success.  My letter to CFC (with corrected typos from original version) is available here.

Unfortunately, it seems somebody at CFC decided that they would not respond to my written requests.  Whether that decision was made by the CFC Board, or Mr. Michael Dungate (Executive Director of CFC), or the janitor, or somebody else, or nobody; I don't know.

The full set of email correspondence from me to CFC, & receipts proving delivery to CFC is available here.

I have tried to ask the necessary questions of CFC; acting for myself, other Small Flockers, and the Canadian public in general.  I believe I was polite and respectful.  In spite of these positives, CFC consistently chose to leave it as a 1-way monologue, from me to CFC, with no response in return.

That is most unfortunate.  It is actions and decisions like this which gives governments a bad reputation.

I can only assume that CFC feels quite superior and arrogant, and they will not stoop so low as to recognize me as a concerned citizen with legitimate questions, nor as a stakeholder.  It appears that CFC feels they can safely disrespect and ignore me.

I don't take kindly to people or organizations who disrespect and/or ignore me.  I don't know anybody who does.

Fortunately, there is the Farm Products Council of Canada ("FPCC").  FPCC is responsible for administering the Farm Products Agencies Act ("FPAA"), as well as supervising and directing the national boards, including CFC.

Under the FPAA, FPCC is responsible for receiving, investigating, and resolving complaints against the FPAA, and the national boards.  And do I have a complaint against CFC!

If CFC happens to be skulking around this Blog, then CFC needs to understand that Time's Up!, you've had your chance.  I have now filed a letter of complaint against CFC, and asked FPCC to intervene on my behalf.  The letter of complaint to FPCC is available here.

Let's hope that FPCC is willing to listen, investigate, and help.

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