Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Arsenic Poisoning for Profit

I wrote a posting back on April 2nd about the crazy habit of factory chicken being fed feed purposefully laced with arsenic.  It was always one of the more popular postings, but nothing like the traffic I've been experiencing since last Friday.  The chicken world is on fire about the adulteration of chicken by purposefully feeding a poison and carcinogen so that profits for Big Food are improved.

As can be seen by this e Blog's Info page, pageviews are up by a factor of 4 from our previous daily traffic average.

  Here is the data from Google Trends

This insignificant Blog is receiving only a miniscule fraction of the total Internet traffic on this important arsenic issue.

Let this be a lesson to Big Food and the Chicken Quota Boys:

People get pissed when you poison them with arsenic so that you can make 4% extra profit.

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