Sunday, September 21, 2014

Voice of the Customer

Some may consider that the #ChickenMafia just made 6 or more huge mistakes, all of which I'm about to tell you about.  However, I suggest these are 6 shining example of Bravery, Openness, Accountability, and Transparency ("B.O.A.T.") by the #ChickenMafia.

Sincere Thanks to #ChickenMafia for 6 B.O.A.T.S.

We don't get much "BOAT" from the #ChickenMafia, so we should make a special effort to recognize their "mistake" of providing the public some BOAT.  We need to minimize the negative consequence for the BC #ChickenMafia so they don't regret providing us BOAT.  We need to maximize the positive feedback to the #ChickenMafia so they deliver more and more BOAT to the public.

Send your thanks to Chicken Farmers of Canada, and BC Chicken Marketing Board and BC Agriculture Council and BC Poultry Association and the BC Minister of Agriculture Honorable Norm Letnick

BOAT #1:   The #ChickenMafia did a survey where they asked important questions, in spite of the risk that they get the truth rather than what they wanted to hear.  They got the truth in spades:
"over 64 per cent of British Columbians believe that hormones and steroids are added to the chicken they eat."
BOAT #2: The #ChickenMafia decided not to ignore the shockingly poor survey results on the perceived use of steroids and hormones in growing chicken

BOAT #3:  The #ChickenMafia decided to do a video parody on the non-use of steroids and hormones to grow chicken (see Blog posting Militarized Canadian Chicken).

BOAT #4:  The #ChickenMafia published their video on a Vancouver events website VanCityBuzz, asking for comments from the public about chicken growing practices in British Columbia.

BOAT #5:   The #ChickenMafia didn't monitor, edit, and delete the negative comments, so as to leave only the positive comments showing on the Internet.

BOAT #6:   The #ChickenMafia didn't take down that sobering page of negativity directed at the #ChickenMafia and their factory chicken (ie. they left all the negative comments out in the open for the world to see from the day after their contest ended on May 1, 2014 till today; 5 months and counting, thus allowing me to find it today).

In case the BC #ChickenMafia  suddenly lose their courage, or they get a call from TPTB (The Powers That Be) who order them to get it taken down, I have copied the comments and saved them.  You can go to the original source on VanCityBuzz or if that has been disappeared, then you can review the copy I saved for posterity.  Unfortunately, in spite of everything I tried, I was unable to get the last 32 comments (ie. after Helena to Jarret Flach) into the saved file due to the Java script in the html code used by VanCityBuzz's website.

#ChickenMafia Social Media Propaganda

The $1,149 grand prize BBQ used as bait to motivate thousands
of social media slaves to spread the propaganda of
the #ChickenMafia.  In spite of this, the public clearly
bit the hand that tried to feed them tainted chicken.
The #ChickenMafia offered significant bribes to entice the desired social media behaviours: a $1,149 BBQ, and a $5,000 backyard makeover, gift card, t-shirt, cookbook and more.

The #ChickenMafia also held Twitter Parties under the hash tag #RaisedByACDNFarmer (ie. Raised by a Canadian Farmer).  Many of those who participated in that party are Brand Ambassadors (ie. paid shills) of a marketing consultant hired by Chicken Farmers of Canada ("CFC"); a form of social media incest.

In spite of these #ChickenMafia bribes, the people spoke their truths, exploding and exposing the propaganda of the #ChickenMafia.

The #ChickenMafia received a total of 102 comments on their chicken growing practices.

8 People Convinced Duped by #ChickenMafia Propaganda

Just 8 people (just 7.8% of the people participating in the survey, 5.7% of all the comments made) felt reassured by the Supply Management factory farm system, the Local Boards, and the regulatory system that is assumed to protect consumers' best interests.  All of the rest of the comments can be construed as being negative against the plans and actions of the #ChickenMafia and their factory farms.

Voice of the Customers

Free range chicken receive 50.4% of the comments on what consumers liked and preferred.  That is a huge majority, swamping all other comments.  Next in line, 9.2% of the comments expressed support for no hormones and no steroids in their chicken.  In third place was 5.7% of the comments expressing a warm reassurance that the government, the Chicken Boards, and good regulations were protecting their chicken supply. In 4th place, 5% of the comments expressed a desire to have the chickens properly cared for.  Next biggest concern with 4.3% of all comments was tied between locally grown chicken and healthy chickens.  The last of the "Vital Few" (as defined by Pareto as 80% of the population) were happy chickens with 3.5% of all comments.  These eight factors represent 82% of the comments received.

It is recommended that the #ChickenMafia heed the comments of their customers.  If not, they may soon lose 80% of those customers.

Note that Small Flockers' principles, first published in Feb. 2013, are 100% aligned with the consumers' wish list from May 2014.  Imagine that!  What a coincidence!

If the #ChickenMafia is unwilling or unable to serve the clear, stated needs of the Canadian consumers, the #ChickenMafia should step aside, remove the oppressive and unjust regulations that restrict Small Flockers, thereby allowing Small Flockers to serve the consumer's needs.

As Lee Iacocca said,

 "Lead, follow, or get out of the way!"

Pareto analysis of consumer comments on perceived &/or desired growing practices for BC chicken.
The comments that make up 80% of the total population represent the "Vital Few", in this case
the first 6 comments; "Free Range" being the first and foremost feature consumers desire.

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