Friday, October 16, 2015

SM + TPP Debate Challenge

I hereby challenge the dark forces behind Supply Management ("SM") and Trans Pacific Partnership ("TPP") Trade Treaty to a fair & effective public debate.

I have been posting here and numerous other public media outlets on the Internet about SM for 3 years ( and more recently, TPP).  Other spokespersons, propaganda artists, shills, and lobyists have been doing the same.

Unfortunately, the public is left guessing which side is telling the truth, versus spewing propaganda as paid shills for the puppet masters who stay behind the curtain, or ooze like slime in the dark.

I therefore challenge the opposing forces to come clean, to show themselves in public, to hold a regulated debate (ie. no shouting match, nor speaking over top of each other) so that all of Canada can see and learn first hand about Supply Management and/or TPP.

Who will take me up on this challenge, lay their cards on the table, and expose themselves and their smoke & mirrors propaganda to the full light of day?

Is there a national broadcaster or media outlet that will cover this debate so all Canadians, coast to coast to coast, can learn the truth?

I propose the following rules (subject to agreement by both sides, or mutual agreed on alternative rules):

  1. The broad topic will be Canada's SM System, and as SM relates to TPP.
  2. The 2 hr. debate will be done in the following sequential topics at 15 minutes each:
    a. Farms and Farmers
    b. Animal Welfare
    c. Environmental Impacts
    d. Farm Gate to Retail
    e. Food Price, Choice, Quality, Safety, & Nutrition
    f. Food Sovereignty, Security, Affordability, Availability, & Locality
    g. Summary & Conclusion of Debater's Case
    h. Adjudicator's Award of Debate's Winner & Reasons
  3. There will be two opposing sides of up to 3 debaters each side (6 debaters in total).  Each team can decide which debater on their team will take the lead on an issue or moment.
  4. There will be no heckling, barracking, points of information, or points of order permitted during the verbal debates.  There will be no bad language nor bad behaviour (eg. no name calling against a debater or third party, no ad hominem attacks, etc.) permitted in any of the evidence documents, nor the verbal debates.  The Moderator can interrupt the verbal debate, or reject any of the documents submitted for any of these issues.
  5. Each team will submit their base position plus up to 5 questions for the opposing side to answer in writing, to both the Moderator and the opposing side.
  6. Each side will have 2 weeks to review the base case and questions posed (if any) of the opposing side, then submit to the opposing side and the Moderator their 1st Rebuttal case, answers to all questions previously posed, plus issue up to 5 additional questions for the opposing side to answer.  The 1st. Rebuttal can only expand on the issues raised in the opposing side's base position and/or questions asked.
  7. On receipt of the 1st Rebuttal case and up to 5 questions, each side will provide within 7 days to both the Moderator and the opposing side their written answers to the questions posed, and may choose to submit a 2nd Rebuttal to the opposing side's 1st. Rebuttal.  The 2nd Rebuttal cam only respond to the issues previously raised in the opposing sides 1st Rebuttal and/or the Q&A's.
  8. The only evidence that will be permitted during the debate will be the base case, 1st Rebuttal, questions submitted and answers provided, and the 2nd Rebuttals.  If a debater tries to introduce other evidence during the debate, any participant (ie. Moderator, Debater on the pro side, or debater on the Con side) can object, and the Moderator will immediately rule on that objection to the allegation of unfair debate.
  9. To ensure decorum & effective debate, only one debater will be allowed to speak at any one time, without heckling by anyone.  To enforce and ensure this debate rule, only one microphone will be live at any one moment in time.  The Moderator will determine which microphone will be live.
  10. The Debate Adjudicator will be independent and unbiased of the issues debated, and the members of the debating team members.  After the debate has completed, the Adjudicator will declare the winner and the reasons therefor.  The Broadcaster may also do scoring by the live public present at the debate, and/or on-line via telephone and/or Internet; but these cannot be used to influence the live audience, nor those on the telephone or Internet (ie. independence must be maintained).

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