Friday, August 14, 2015

Why Support Canada's Supply Management System?

Perhaps it's time for Canada's Governments and politicians consider the consequences for Canada and all Canadians from the dysfunctional and corrupt Supply Management System running amok.

 The Federal Government, all Provincial Governments of Canada, and all MP's unanimously support Supply Management ("SM") for dairy, chicken, turkey, eggs, & more.

If the SM system has morphed into a negligent, dysfunctional, and corrupt system that hurts Canada and Canadians, why do all of them continue to support SM?

SM is a small, yet extremely powerful, and well connected special interest group.  Members of SM, and their lobbyists have the ear of all politicians and the mandarins in the civil service.

Agricultural lobbyists are the biggest fraction, best funded, and most intense of all Ottawa lobbyists.  Like being addicted to heroin, the habit is hard to break.

Please consider signing our petition on

 Kill Canada's Supply Management System Now !

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