Friday, July 24, 2015

TPP Trade Treaty Tornado

Things are heating up in Hawaii for the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership ("TPP") talks, now in the final round.

Some, like me, see TPP as a possible escape route away from the good intentioned Supply Management system that during the last 50 years, has slowly morphed into a terrible, dysfunctional, tyrannical Frankenstein monster.

Others, like me, have serious concerns about TPP being nothing more than fascist corporatism who shape and control TPP talks so they can control the world, maximize their profits, run roughshod over domestic industries, and enslave the people.

CNC News has done a reasonable summary of the TPP talks current status.

I suggest there is another alternative.

Fix Canada's Supply Management system.

Here is SFPFC's comments added to the other 600+ comments posted there:

There are about 17,000 Canadian farms that work under Supply Management, which are just 8% of all of Canada's farms.

Federal and provincial governments have delegated special powers to these 17,000 farmers, who have used those special powers to become multi-millionaires by gouging Canadians with over-priced foods.

Under Supply Management, 17,000 farms get huge benefits while 35 million Canadians suffer, forced to pay 38% to 300% more for eggs, chicken, turkey, and dairy than what the rest of the world pays.

Other Canadian farmers, such as the 60,000 or so small flock poultry farmers in Canada, have their civil rights stripped away and are oppressed by a small special interest group of 2,700 Supply Management chicken farmers (just 4.5% of all Canadian chicken farmers), so the SM minority can have their 99.97% market share monopoly on chicken.

The Canadian governments should change Supply Management rules, so that it serves the Canadian people, not the 17,000 special interest multi-millionaire farmers.

Glenn Black, President
Small Flock Poultry Farmers of Canada

Hopefully the public wakes up, studies the situation carefully, then let's their government know what should be done.

To hasten the process, here are some important email addresses for you.

A customized email, ready to send as is, or you can modify it to suit your personal insights:
Email your opinion to All Federal Party Leaders

Alternatively, you can contact the Leader of your choice:

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