Friday, June 19, 2015

Chicken Mafia Powers

The Chicken Mafia has all the illicit power, all the improper rights, and the devious support of all levels of government.  The Chicken Mafia uses those powers to oppress Small Flock Farmers, and hurt all Canadian consumers.  For some strange reason, there is a conspiracy of silence throughout Canada on these illicit powers and their improper use.

“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.” 

Frederick Douglass (1818 - 1895), African-American social reformer, abolitionist orator, writer, and statesman, from his speech “West India Emancipation” at Canandaigua, New York, on August 3, 1857; the twenty-third anniversary of the event.

We will never solve this injustice by patiently awaiting the self-realization of the Chicken Mafia as to the error of their ways.  For example, small flock poultry farmers in Ontario are restricted to growing just 300 chickens per year for meat; enough to feed chicken to 7 people for a year.

A tip of the hat to Murray Stenton, a graphic designer/cartoonist  from Halifax Nova Scotia.  Well done cartoon.  Thanks! 


  1. Exactly what power does the Chicken Mafia have as a private corporation (not a government body)?
    - I never signed form 300 or will I every agree to become a member of CFO. Can they force me to join a organization that I find ethically and morally wrong in their treatment of chickens farming.
    - If anyone who doesn't have a legal warrant or police escort comes on my property to count chickens then they will be treated as any other unwelcome trespasser.
    - when ever they call to inquire about chickens - I just hang up
    - as I understand it they say I can have up to 300 meat birds and 99 layers - were do dual purpose chickens come into play?

    1. The Chicken Mafia is a quasi-governmental body, as they have been delegated comprehensive powers for all things chicken by both the Federal and Provincial government, including writing their own laws that you must obey, or else. Tyranny at its best!

      Because the Chicken Mafia enjoy powers from both levels of government, in some ways the Chicken Mafia is more powerful than either government in its sphere of chicken.

      The Form 300 was signed on your behalf by whom you bought the chickens from. Providing the info (or acquiescing while others provided the info for you) automatically signs you up. If you have 1 or more chickens that could be eaten by somebody, you are under the thumb of the Chicken Mafia. While the regs don't specifically say so, I suggest both the Chicken Mafia and Egg Mafia agree that both of them can order you around for dual purpose birds.
      Generally, if the Chicken Police say "Jump" there is only acceptable response from you: start jumping, then quickly ask "Is this high enough?"

      Refusal by you to any Chicken Police command means they will have their way with you eventually, for they may leave but will soon return with the SPCA and/or the OPP who will enforce the whims and arbitrary orders of the Chicken Police, start laying charges, etc.. Alternatively, they will charge you under their regulations for refusal to permit entry, answer questions, submit to unlimited search (ie. Is that a chicken in your underwear? Let me see), and possible seizure of anything they please.

      On my farm, I have signage, policy, and procedures to control and protect against biohazards such as Bird Flu. A comprehensive survey form is presented to all visitors to the farm, especially Chicken Police as there is a high likelihood they are contaminated from their normal job duties, and Bird Flu has staying power in the environment. Anyone with undue biohazard risks will be turned away to protect myself and all of Canada. Due to the high biohazardous risk of commercial chicken farms, anybody who has been on one of those biohazardous cess pools (ie. "chicken factory farms") in the last 6 months and not proven to be "clean" by PCR testing will be refused entry to my farm. Do you think it will adequately protect me from the nasty infectious vector called "Chicken Police"? Time will tell. If you're interested in following suit, send me an email and I will send you what I developed so that all Small Flockers are better protected from biohazards.

      Your approach sounds close to David Koresh and his Branch Davidian followers in Waco Texas (see ) which gives the Chicken Police an excuse to call out the tactical, militarized police SWAT team to your farm. I'd be careful with that.

      Hanging up 2 or 3 times will likely prompt an on-site visit, which leads down the same road we discussed above. Again, be careful. These are not normal, reasonable people that we are talking about. Being nice and friendly to a rabid dog doesn't keep you to safe.

      Excellent points. Thanks for taking the time to submit your comments.


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