Monday, March 23, 2015

It's All About CFO

On reading CFO's Annual Report for 2014, you quickly learn who is the star of the show in CFO's eyes:  it's CFO.  To me, the public and the consumers should be front & center, not CFO.  Perhaps that is why CFO and I don't see eye to eye on many topics.

I previously did a word cloud on a CFO document in June 2013 when CFO announced they were going to look at improving their Cost of Production (see Blog Posting Congratulations CFO!).  In that document, COPF (Cost Of Production Formula) had the lead and starring role at center stage, and CFO was way back in the pack, a mere Extra in the crowd for the performance.

Word Cloud for CFO's Annual Report for 2014.  The
font size is proportional to the frequency of occurrence.
Guess who is most important in CFO's mind?  If you
magnify the image, you can barely see "consumer" in
the microprint font size, located 6 lines above the "F"
in "CFO", just below "management".
In yesterdays posting (see CFO's Mission & Role ).we discussed CFO's wrong headed and misleading corporate Mission.  At least in CFO's self declared Mission and roles, they admit that they are stewards.

In other words, CFO is a trustee, charged with the duty of properly serving the best interests of their beneficiaries:  the Ontario consumers of chicken.

Today, we do another word cloud on CFO's Annual Report for 2014.  Click on the image for a bigger version, or download a pdf copy here

As a parent, I try to keep in mind, and teach my kids that this world isn't all about me, nor my kids.  It seems CFO hasn't yet learned that lesson.  CFO wants to star in their own movie, then tries to steal the show, thereby ruining the movie for everybody else, including the audience.  That's why "CFO" is in the biggest font size in the Word Cloud to the right.

If you click on the Word Cloud image at the right, and maximize the magnification, you can barely see the microprint where "consumer" is a mere extra in CFO's movie, pushed to the wings, barely on the stage at all.

Other important words like quality, continuous improvement, affordable chicken, expectations, etc. are either totally absent, or you need an electron microscope to see them because the Word Cloud font used is so small.

To me, the consumer should be the star of the show, placed center stage.

Would you donate to a charity where the charity's CEO acted like a rock star who could never get enough publicity for himself?  Those beneficiaries whom the charity is trying to help should be the focus of attention, not the narcissistic CEO.

CFO needs their wings clipped, and maybe a liitle more.
I believe it should be the same for CFO and all of the other Supply Management Mafia.  The consumers are #1, not CFO.

It's about time that the narcissistic CFO learned this lesson that CFO isn't the most important organization in the world.  Perhaps CFO needs their wings to be clipped so they come back down to Earth with us mere mortals.

Perhaps OFPMC, if they were doing their job in the best interests of the public, should get out their wing clippers and snip off some of CFO's proud peacock plumage.

If and when that occurs, it's going to be a very strange world.  I can't wait to see the sight of a bald, bare ass CFO running around the barnyard.

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