Monday, October 27, 2014

100,000 Visitors Can't Be Wrong

Today, we crossed a significant milestone, with 100,000 pageviews by our world-wide visitors.

Small Flockers' Blog has received more than 100,000 visits since its inception on Feb. 28, 2013
While Canadian visitors have been continuously in the lead here, there have been others who came from more than 136 different countries.  All of these visitors came here because they were intrigued, or curious, or concerned.

Yellow dots represent 1 or more visitors, from more than 136
countries around the world.

All of these visitors were exposed to Canada's appalling third world conditions in the Supply Management ("SM") food supply systems, and the terrible consequences for Canadians.

Of those who came to this Blog, most considered,  some believed, a few scoffed.  A very few denied, became angry, and attempted to shoot the messenger.

While the response to this Blog varied, we have tried to keep to a consistent, balanced voice of reason that is committed to the long term goals and needs of Small Flock poultry farmers and Canadians.

This is not a struggle that will be achieved in a few days.

The forces of Supply Management are strong; entrenched insidious tentacles have grown stronger during this 50 year infestation.  The #ChickenMafia, just one of the branches of SM, have paid friends, lobbyists, and well spread graft everywhere.  Riding on the SM bandwagon is very lucrative for the friends of SM.  Mercenary monies helps ensure loyalty by the few who receive the graft.

However, SM is doomed to fail eventually.  SM depends upon providing significant economic benefits to a few, at the disadvantage and increased cost to everybody else.  As the cost burden of SM grows more and more, and people are economically squeezed more and more, the system will eventually reach a breaking point.  The majority will soon be unwilling or unable to continue paying the SM premium prices for the questionable quality of the goods produced.

Sooner or later, the SM system will fail.

The role of this Blog is to hasten the process, and prepare an alternative system to better serve the people of Canada.

Small Flockers are up to the challenge, once we are given the opportunity to perform.

Will you help our cause?  Why not do 1 or more of the following:

  • Pick one of our postings, and send it to your friends with your personal comments on why it is your favorite Blog posting.

  • Become a member of SFPFC

  • Make a donation to SFPFC to help our cause

  • Write to your MP and MPP to tell them what you think.

  • Invite SFPFC to come speak to your group, your friends, your church congregation, or at your community hall.  We'd like to share the research we have done and recommend solutions that you can support and/or implement locally for safe, nutritious, locally grown, affordable food for your neighbourhood, community, or city.  If SFPFC isn't presenting in person, then by high speed Internet Web meeting, or we can provide you with the presentation that you show to others on our behalf.

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