Saturday, February 1, 2014

Postings Pageviews Update

As of 2014/01/31 we have collected 38,174 pageviews from visitors all around the world.
Small Flockers Blog pageviews mapped by visitor's location.  We started this mapping widgit as of
2013/10/27 and have received 22,278 pageviews before 2013/10/27 and 4,029 pageviews since then,
for a total of 38,174 pageviews since our start on Feb. 28, 2013.

Audience origin for Small Flockers' Blog

Canada is leading as the most visitors.  This makes sense, as we speak about small flock farming in Canada.  USA is in second place, which makes sense as they are 10 times bigger than Canada, and have similar issues in some ways.

Note that China is a distant third.  I wonder why China is so interested in chicken issues in Canada?  Perhaps they see an opportunity, or empathize with oppressed Canadians.  If you are from China, we'd be interested in hearing from you and why you follow this Blog.

I am most pleased to see that we just gained two visitors from Tokyo Japan.  I have been waiting more than 3 months for Japan to notice us, and it has finally happened.

With Japan on board, we seem to have a world-wide audience for these tragic events with the #ChickenMafia in Canada.

We're still growing exponentially, and on-track with our previous trendline.  We just have to be patient to get our message out and build critical mass.  As soon as that happens, we go to Phase II of our strategy to escape the death grip of the #ChickenMafia and seek our freedom from their opresssion.

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