Saturday, January 11, 2014

Small Flockers' Liberty via Libertarians?

Libertarians of Ontario and Federal Libertarians support Small Flockers'.  Perhaps there is hope for us on the political landscape.

Their current federal platform is at:
Free Market
We oppose government intervention in the free market. We oppose restrictions on trade and contracts. We oppose government monopolies and marketing boards.

We advocate repeal of all controls on wages, prices, rents, profits, production, and interest rates.
 The current ON provincial platform is at:

Mr. Allen Small, Leader of the Ontario Libertarian Party admits it is unlikely that his party will form the next government. So, does it matter if the Libertarians are on the side of Small Flockers?

Fortunately, it is a Canadian tradition that most governments continuously reject the good ideas advanced by the opposition and lesser parties.  That public rejection is quickly followed by the government slapping a new label on the ideas of others, they steal that good idea, proclaims it as their idea, then implement that stolen idea.

Why can't we get that theft of an idea to happen so as to relieve Small Flockers' plight?

They have posted about Small Flockers on the Facebook page of the Ontario Libertarians and received numerous postings of support from their followers.

There is hope.

The shackles that bind Small Flockers are straining under the growing forces for change.  Soon, those shackles and chains that bind us will break, and we will be free.

Liberty for the people.  That's the root of the word "Libertarian".

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